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Louise Mason

Please note.


`if you are considering joining us at a meeting,we have a Meet up site.

You can see when and where meetings are held,and sign up to join in.

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a meeting?

North Bucks has a Showcase evening,where you can see how Toastmasters can improve your speaking and leadership skills .

Our club has recently produced 2 members whose speaking skills have led to their representing our Division at National Contests.

This evening ,we can show you how our meetings can give proven results in your personal development.

The programme is a fraction of the cost of many courses,with incredible results.

Come as our guest,free of charge,and see why Public speaking is fun.


Take a look at our Facebook page.




13 people,including 2 guests,Steve and Will,attended the hat and technology meeting.
Jim R took on a triple role of speaker,jokemaster and toastmaster ,Nicky kept time,Gerald the grunts and Lynda grammarian.
Word of the day

characterized by a ready and continuous flow of words; fluent; glib; talkative: a voluble spokesman for the cause



Nicky stressed the importance of keeping on time,whilst Gerald’s humourous feedback gave him the best humour award.
The meeting started a little late due to the technology challenges.It was a terrific team of techies who won through in the end.
Maggie handled the topics session with hats!
These were the De bono thinking hats,and 4 people were chosen to have a meeting about pet monkeys being looked after in a workplace.
Will had an optimistic view and won topics prize
Geralds creative hat was a very positive view
Lyndas red hat emotive view was concerned
Micks black hat took a cautious path.
Visually it was hilarious,as was the overall response.
This was Maggies first topics session. Great imagination as always.
Rob broke the ice with a no notes  speech about his journey to Toastmasters,including distractions such as cricket and rugby.(best speech)
Jim E evaluated praising eye contact and benefit of absorbing the audience attention
Jim presented the 100 day Charter period of Cranfield on a powerpoint demo,and Harsheed evaluated.
It was good to see Harsheed evaluate and his logical thinking made positive suggestions.
Louise donned a sailors hat and took us through a voluble voyage of yachting for beginners. Louise used powerpoint to illustrate the humour.
Mick evaluated for his first time and used seafaring terms to illustrate his feedback.He had spent time to discuss his evaluation with Louise and asked for mentorship to prepare the role.This paid off and he won best evaluator.
Tim was general evaluator and stepped into evaluate topics too.
Tim,in his role as VPE stressed the importance of using the easyspeak site to book/confirm roles,although there had been technological issues too.
Lynda thanked Nicky for the cakes,and presented prizes.
In September,we have our humour and topics contest.
A chair person is needed ,as well as officials and speakers.
Provisional date is 1st September
next meeting
18th august
Louise Mason CC.ACB.ALB
Meeting Secretary North Bucks Speakers

Facebook,North bucks speakers.!/group.php?gid=182868458085


Just for a moment,imagine 15 of you are trapped in a deep cave,many of your party are missing,and you want to keep everyone calm and entertained.

This was the unique theme for Tim’s meeting,after many meeting roles were left unclaimed,despite requests for help.

Gerald had already volunteered to keep time,and placed himself in a position to monitor the situation
Lynda took on grammarian with word of the day being

1. Unpleasantly loud and noisy: “There are those who find the trombones blatant and the triangle silly, but both add effective color” (Musical Heritage Review).
2. Usage Problem Totally or offensively conspicuous or obtrusive: a blatant lie

Our spirits were raised when Mark took us through topics.The theme was a book summary,with the players going through 2 chapters each.This was a complex session.
Jim R customised his creation with tales of crimean war wounds
Lynda continued with treacherous treasure trove searches
Rob N elevated the pace with tales of time travel and espionage
Tim completed the tale as he crept over the carpet,conversing with the charactors therein.(best topics)

Sarma took on his 2nd speech on education and was evaluated by Gentle Jim.
Jim praised the difficulties around speaking in a second language,adding that practice is essential to improve abilities.
Jim said he practices his speeches around 6 times,before performing.This is the advantage of having a prepared speech and primed evaluator

(I practice,perfect,then record and playback,until it’s in my head)

Yiorgos painted a picture of gardens and benefits to all of us in his 7th speech.
Lovely Lynda was volunteered to evaluate,praising his body language.

Mick made us consider manufacturing in his 2nd speech
Manic Mark,having been volunteered after his topics session, evaluated in his unique style,suggesting Mick took his speech to breakfast clubs.

Carmel obtained her CC(competant communicator) badge (speech 10)
We were taken on an emotive journey through personal development in adversity.She claimed the best speaker award,and it was very much deserved.
Reliable Rob N ,was volunteered to feedback,describing her as a ‘wizard of wordery’ (best evaluator)
Carmels language was magical,and left the audience spell bound.

Rob P,our newest member,tackled grunts as if they were second nature,entering into the collapsed cavern theme with humour.He obtained the humour and general evaluators award.

Louise was the general evaluator,and led the rescue team .
This meant adding topics evaluation to the summary.
As part of the overall evaluation,members were reminded about leadership roles,the benefits of taking time to prepare and rehearse speeches,and the importance of keeping to time.It pays to have a ‘get out’ if time is running out.

When you request a speech,ask someone to evaluate you at the same time.This way ,you can brief each other on what is required

Tim was praised for his unique theme,which dealt with the issue of meeting role gaps.

Mohamad guested and plans to return with friends

Lynda,our president obtained her CL (competant leader award)

Diary dates
humour/topics contest

club 1st September
area 5th October
Division 15th October

our next meeting 4th August

Toastmaster for the evening Alison opened the meeting with a smile in the absence of a Sergeant at Arms, introducing the agenda with last minute changes due to shortfall of members.

Timekeeper Andy explained the role and kept time for everyone.

Grammarian Carl gave us ‘Wicked’ with the two meanings; wicked meaning cruel, evil intention or conversely the modern use meaning really good, i.e. a wicked concert.

No grunt counter this meeting.

Yiorgos gave his session on VPE and asked who had and had not brought their manuals by a show of hands, those raising their hands for the latter…enough said. Encouraging words followed to develop with the projects.

Table Topics master Jeremie gave us four unusual subjects to perform in a the style of a sales promotion.

Yiorgos drummed up enthusiasm to support the Bedfordshire Renault Clio Owners fund rasing rally which was to driven by one fast car with men in and another car with fast women in!

Vinesh convinced us that a Spy School was a worth while venture to enable under privileged children to master the art of spying.

Cynthia gave us a colourful sales pitch on the new vogue in combined umbrellas for both dog and owner when out walking in the typical English rain.

Tim appealed for the preservation of the rare Blue-Tailed-Beaver which needed its own nature reserve in order to allow people to benefit from their magical powers.

First Speaker Jim

‘Wind farms a Clear and Present Danger’ gave his humourous (verging on the ridiculous) speech about the real dangers of wind farms on the rotation of the earth and the risks of upsetting gravity.

Evaluated by Vignesh, his first evaluation, and though apprehensive he was not phased in dealing with experienced speaker, noting good use of voice modulation and a little too much eye contact with the power point screen. Well done Vignesh.

Second Speaker Paul , his Icebreaker, ‘My Epic Survival’ told us of his varied career moves and by contract to his high-tec work his passion for getting out in the wilds and his recent survival training making string, spoons and fire. out in the wilderness, just outside Tunbridge Wells.

Evaluated by Tom who stepped in at the last minute to do his first evaluation. He did so with aplomb (an appropriate word which he dropped in) Commended structure, content and interest with clarity good hand gestures and a summary. Well done Jeremie.

13 attended including 2 guests Daniel and Shiny. both enjoyed the evening and Daniel is going to join and also gave some useful feedback on how difficult the venue was to find and so it was decided to make a sign for the door to be posted on meeting nights.

As there was only 2 speakers we elected to have another round of Table Topics.

Carl stepped up and invited 4 speakers to extol the virtues of particular elements of a container of Whiteboard Wipes.

Tom elaborated of what the ‘Colour’ really means its interpretation by the brain as a colour and how light makes us safe and darkness brings irrational fear of the unseen. He also demonstrated his french accent for extra marks in certain seats in the audience .

Shiny gave us a brief rundown of the ‘Contents’ and realised that table topics are not as easy as it looks! So well done for a first attempt, you got up for the first time, we look forward to seeing you up again.

Cynthia told about the ‘journey’ this container had been on and described the tub rattling along with all it’s brother and sisters. Personification in a table topic well done.

Jeremie enthralled us with an explanation of the ‘Shape’ of the container which employed the design concept of being “edgeless” This made it safe, ergonomic and so perfect it could just exist in its own right as a shape.

In the break Paul displayed his survival samples; a spoon, nettle string and fish hook and explained fire making, another speech all in itself I think there Paul, but please no real demonstrations.

General Evaluator Tim explained the purpose and the value of evaluations in helping each other develop. Then gave evaluations of the three evaluators, the meeting officials, and reinforced the praise for both the Icebreaker and the first time evaluations by Vignesh and Tom.

Commended Alison as Toastmaster in what can be a difficult situation with people short and roles switched, two lots of table topics without any flusters.

On Presidential matters Jim reminded everyone that next week is the Charter Dinner 20th July at 6.30pm onwards for drinks dining at 7.00pm please book to secure your meal and pay in advance if possible. what was to be done to recruit new intake in September and there would be an opportunity to contact head of communications who will be attending the charter dinner. It was greed and introduction presentation would be a good idea as had been done last year.


Best Speech – not awarded as there were only two speeches.

Best Evaluator – Tim (for general evaluator).

Best Table Topics – Tom

Best Humour – Carl

A great evening despite the lack of members, a good example of what you can do if you really try, well done to everyone for making it happen.

The meeting closed on time 8.30pm

Author Tim

In the first congress of the new term,we gathered together for a Presidential theme,thanks to American independence day.We continued the party theme from last week,but more on that later.
Rob led the meeting with witty quotes about waffles and other unusual facts.

Roger came back to take on the timing

Gerald was grammarian,with a conundrum word of the day.

1. a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words, as What is black and white and read all over? A newspaper.
2. anything that puzzles.

Mick and Chris counted grunts.

Tim in his role as VPE,explained that leaving the manuals behind,is like turning up for a swim without a towel or costume (embarrassing and inconvenient)Keep your manuals with you in your TM folder,and bring them to meetings
He said we’d use easyspeak to book meeting roles,rather than the paper trail way.He then took us onto a warm up joke,
which was a conundrum in itself.

Nicky blasted us back to the 80’s with a Mr Ben topics session

Each person was given a fancy dress item,as per the shop in the show.

Jim R was a whacky wizard complete with harry potter clothes
Louise was a victorian caped professional policeman,who assisted with convenience
Tim was a diver (no trunks or towel) suffering suffocating snorkels as he couldn’t find the treasure.Best humour and topics
Chris donned a dinosaur hat ,but realised he couldn’t step into his shoes.

Simon B evaluated with confidence and humour and showed us how he has improved his skills.

Maggies 2nd speech was about bees,complete with a honeycombe.Her husband,Gunta came along too.
Best speech again Maggie……fabulous!

Jim E evaluated

Mo gave us a poetic wedding speech,complete with bubbly and samosas.

Jim R evaluated

Lorne broke the ice with a history lesson of the real Milton keynes,as his family settled here,due to the railway works.Nerves led to most grunts,but the content was informative,and Lorne has started his speaking journey.
Carmel evaluated with tremendous flair.She mentioned
fluent and evocative language,and talked about a lovely part of history,from his story.
Carmel,you have a way with words!Best evaluator was well deserved.

Louise co-hosted sergeant at arms with Tim.

Lynda multi tasked as general evaluator and president.

Nicky baked some fabulous muffins again.

See you next time.

Anyone who wants to learn about committee roles,contact Lynda about the club officer gathering on 16th July.

Louise Mason CC.ACB.ALB

Meeting Secretary North Bucks Speakers

Facebook,North Bucks Speakers.

When I was one,
I had just begun.
When I was two,
I was nearly new.
When I was three,
I was hardly me.
When I was four,
I was not much more.
When I was five,
I was just alive.
But now I am six,
I’m as clever as clever.
So I think I’ll be six
now and forever.
Author: A.A. Milne

Thanks to everyone who attended the 6th birthday party and end of year session of North Bucks.It was an evening of beginnings and endings ,as we saw manuals completed and bling passed on.

Many guests either dressed or acted their shoe size,which added to the merriment. Louise was a strict headmistress in charge of an unruly mob.However,the soft side was the reading of excerpts from Winnie the Pooh.

Carmel took on lights, Sarma enjoyed his grunt role and Charles used an American word, yonder meaning in the distance.

Maggie amused us with a tale of a workman’s bill.

Topics was in the form of pass the parcel.

John told us he wanted to go back in time to our clubs beginning.

Trish told us of a disaster at home.

Graham,our district governer,told us about his first moment in the spotlight.

Chris, a guest, took the prize as he told us about childhood toys, having won the yo yo.

Tim became a CC with a speech about smiles.

Rob evaluated and won best evaluator.

Mick took on his first speech and told us about his life.

Simon evaluated.

Mark ‘roasted’ Jim with such panache, he won best speech and humour. Anyone who missed this one, really missed a treat.

Dave evaluated.

Jim replied and was evaluated by Lorne.

There was a lot of concern as we lit the cake candles, but all was safe.

Nicky surpassed herself with a fabulous boozy TM logo cake…

Nicky, you are a master (or should that be mistress) baker.

After an elongated break, we enjoyed feedback from our school inspector, Yiorgos (General evaluator).

The guest list was impressive with old and new faces. Too many faces to count today, as we ran out of chairs.
Jim has left a legacy of yet another distinguished club and area award.

Thanks to all of the people who worked hard both on and off the committee.

The new committee are already at work and look forward to our next meeting.

Rob is TM next week, 7th July.