Cranfield Speakers Meeting notes 22nd August

8 members and 7 guests attended our back to school meeting. Class convened at their desks where Rose-Marie stepped up to the dual role of grunt-counter and Grammarian, keeping us on our toes with our clarity of speech.

The lesson plan deviated from the usual as under the guise of our headmistress Louise; the prepared speeches were up first. Dan P evaluated Rayan who delivered his icebreaker, earning him the prestigious Toastmaster pin.

Richard evaluated Dan P who in his 6th speech talked us through his walk for Charity in Graphic detail!

Rose Marie evaluated Victor who with his usual panache gave his 5th speech, which was a farewell speech, good luck Victor!

Finally Kala evaluated Richard who tried to get us to invest in a yogurt business; my check is in the post Richard!

The Rose-Victor axis was a particularly successful dynamic; they received the best evaluator and speaker role respectively. Additionally Victor took home the best humour award.

The meeting concluded with an impromptu table topic session between our guests Scott and Gary. Scott explained to us the meaning of the word Carroty and Gary the word Luberland. Both performed admirably and Gary received the best table topic award.

Finally, for her diligence in performing multiple roles, Rose received the general evaluator award.

Remember, if you are doing a role for the first time, please ask an experienced toastmaster to coach you through it and possibly sit alongside you in the meeting.
Additionally, Cranfield speakers run a mentoring scheme, to take advantage of this free and useful opportunity, please contact our president Becky, our Vice President John or Membership officer Kala for further details, we have a team of mentors waiting to help!
As always, we look forward to the next meeting on the 12th September where Jim will be stepping up to the role of toastmaster. Please contact him if you are interested in performing a role
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