North Bucks Speakers – 17th October 2013 – Meeting Notes

It’s been a while since I’ve provided an update of our North Bucks meetings, but as we enter into Autumn, our meetings have continued every 2 weeks without interruption or pause.

17th October saw another fine meeting, shepherded by our Toastmaster for the evening, Delphine. The theme of the meeting was Autumn, which carried over into our word of the Day (Deciduous) and our Table Topics, led by Nicola, a returning visitor from Bedford Speakers.

This session featured contributions from Mick, Lynda, Carmel and Nalinda, and was won by Mick, who had to explain the concept of Autumn to a group of 5 yr old Martians in 2076.

Our prepared speeches featured an Icebreaker from Cecile, explaining how she really wanted people to mistake her for English, and the confusion in her house over the pronunciation of pyjamas. Cecile was evaluated by Maggie, and deservedly won both Best Speech and Best Humour.

Second up was a third speech from Agnes, who explained how we should all beware of teflon in our kitchen, and that it is guilty of far more than just stopping our food from sticking to our pans. This was a persuasive third speech, well evaluated by Mick.

Our final speech was the second speech from Veselina, which asked how much substance there was to the friendships that we have in the virtual world. This was another thought-provoking speech, with astute recommendations from Jim.

Louise was General Evaluator, Steve was Topics Evaluator, whilst Maggie and Jim shared the award for Best Evaluator.

Of special note was the encouraging number of guests at this meeting. As well as Nicola, we had returning visits from Habee, Anthony and Nalinda, who all indicated that they planned to sign up to the fold. We’re looking forward to their Icebreakers.

Our next meeting, on the 31st October is our traditional Halloween spooktacular. Fancy Dress is encouraged, as is food and drink for the interval. Please sign up for roles and, if possible, bring along a guest!


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