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`if you are considering joining us at a meeting,we have a Meet up site.

You can see when and where meetings are held,and sign up to join in.

Date Club Venue Contact
Wed 9th Sept 6pm Cranfield Speakers Building 33, Chapel entrance, 1st floor, Learning & Development room, Cranfield Campus
Beds, MK 43 0AL
Thur 17th Sept 7:15pm North Bucks Speakers The Well Community Centre in Willen, East Milton Keynes (just off the H4) MK15 9AA
Mon 21st Sept 7:15pm Northampton Speakers Northampton Old Scouts RFC, The Clubhouse, Rushmere Road, NN1 5RY
Thur 24th Sept 7:15pm Bedford Speakers Fox and Hounds pub, Goldington Road, Bedford MK40 3EB
Mon 28th Sept 6:30pm Eldergate Toastmasters National Badminton Centre (just off the H4), Milton Keynes MK8 9LG
Sat 3rd Oct 12:30pm Area 44 Building 38
Cranfield Management Research Institute (CMRI)
Cranfield Campus
MK43 0AL
Sat 17th Oct Division G Hemingford Abbots Golf Complex, Cambridge Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 9HQ
Fri 13th to Sun 15th Nov District 71 Blackcat Conference Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre,
Bedford MK44 3AL

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a meeting?

North Bucks has a Showcase evening,where you can see how Toastmasters can improve your speaking and leadership skills .

Our club has recently produced 2 members whose speaking skills have led to their representing our Division at National Contests.

This evening ,we can show you how our meetings can give proven results in your personal development.

The programme is a fraction of the cost of many courses,with incredible results.

Come as our guest,free of charge,and see why Public speaking is fun.


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Agreed at the meeting on 24th June 2015 following a reshuffle due to the changed availability of the previous elected incoming officers.

Congratulations to my fellow Toastmasters:

Office Toastmaster District 71 Easyspeak
profile & contact
President Daniel Sandars
Vice President Education Maria Pawula
Vice President Membership Matt Lambert
Vice President Public Relations Minjie Cai
Treasurer Esther Marchant
Secretary Gustavo Imhof
Sergeant-at-Arms Vicky Lester

Wow we did really well attracting somewhere over 60 people to the CMRI gallery, a venue that we rarely use.  The Open Demonstration Event is timed for the new intake of students. This year it coincided with the 90th Anniversary of the first meeting of Toastmasters.

Well done to the winners who were guest Ian (Table-topics), Humour (Andy), and Evaluator (Gustavo)

Joke Master Andy scoops the humour Award

Andy’s joke was the tale of three male hitch-hikers stuck trying to cross a wild river. They each prayed and asked for gifts and were granted them. One had the strength to swim across and one had the skills and equipment to row across. The one that asked for intelligence was transformed into a woman with a map and processed to walk across the river using the bridge a little further downstream.

The grammarian Vicky proposed word of the day “Passion”.

The Table-topics session was lead by Jim and based on mystery items from his garage that the speakers had to say why they had invented them.  The Pointy bit was Becky’s back scratcher. The bendy brush thing was Ian’s Saxophone cleaner mark 1. The strappy whip thing was Jin’s bundle securing strap. And finally the hoop with rollers was Maria dress making ribbon dispenser. Paul W evaluated the session.

Gustavo introduced our first speaker Minjie who gave a talk entitled “A Brief History of Mastering Toast…ies”. This talk was drawn from the Competent Communication Manual – 4 – How to Say It. It was fascinating to discover the power of words and why we are known as Toastmasters not Suschimasters or Noodlemasters.

Minjie launched the club’s new promotional video that she has been the videographer and producer of.

Allison introduced his mentor and our second speaker John who gave a talk entitled “A Brief History of the Mercedes-Benz”. It was fun hearing a comical parody of the life and times of the engineer Gottleib Daimler and savvy marketer Karl Benz

Many thanks to those in leadership roles. Becky was the General Evaluator as well as covering her brief as the Vice President of Education. Minjie opened as Sargent at Arms.  Timekeeping was done by Matt the Timekeeper. Sunday counted ‘Ahs’ and Vicky was Grammarian. Maria lead the night in the hospitality role.  The club President Atma presided over the meeting.

CMRI Gallery with Atma on the floor

Toastmasters 90th Anniversary

The organization grew out of a single club, Smedley Chapter One Club, which would become the first Toastmasters club. It was founded by Ralph C. Smedley on October 22, 1924, at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California, United States. Since 1924, Toastmasters has served over four million people, and today the organization serves over 313,000 members in 126 countries, through its over 14,650 member clubs. Through its thousands of member clubs, Toastmasters International offers a program of communication and leadership projects designed to help people learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking.

Scotland was the first district to be organised outside the USA in 1946. By 1958 30 countries outside the US had toastmasters clubs and by 1962 the educational materials had been translated in to English, French and Braille.  Toastmasters was truly multinational and multilingual. In 1977 Edith Burgay was the first blind person to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.

Cranfield Speakers’ Clubwas established as Toastmasters club 1682231 in February 2011. Membership is open to anyone and includes a mix of students, staff, and faculty of Cranfield University, as well as many local residents not affiliated with the university.

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Lively night of nine topics speakers discussing the seasons led by Table-topics Master Josie. We heard about Sue’s experience of being flat on her back sucking a lollipop in preparation for her honeymoon Egypt and coming to fear the rumours of zombie dogs. Well done guest Tony who swept the board as best topics speaker and best use of humour. Guest Alex took the General Evaluators Award for creative thinking in his debut table topics speech.

In the table topics the final tally was Dave and Mark favouring Autumn, Winnie and Tony favouring Summer, Alex favouring the football season, Julie and Keith favouring Winter, and Sarah and Lynda favouring Spring.

The crew were Dave as General Evaluator, Lynda as Grammarian, Vice President of Education, and Sergeant at Arms, Sue as President, Craig as Time keeper, Tony as Grunt counter, and Daniel as Toastmaster of the meeting. Anne and Julie deputed as evaluators and did a smashing (word of the day) job.

Every seat at the boardroom table was taken by eight members and five guests. The five meetings running up to Xmas will take on themes for Halloween (Oct 20th), Bonfire night (Nov 3rd), and Xmas (Dec 18th). We have yet to decide if we want tall tales, impromptu theatre or thematic table topics.

A round up of comments!

An Excellent lively meeting, despite only having one speech. I should say it was smashing as this was the word of the day. Dave

I enjoyed giving my speech and got some really good feedback from everyone. It’s great to be back. Sue

It was an excellent meeting with guests participating fearlessly, promising to return next meeting. We look forward to seeing you all again. Lynda

The conkers theme plays off Northamptonshire hosting the World Championship of Conkers on the 2nd Sunday in October. It began, in the modern era, in 1965 in the village of Ashton, but has since moved to Southwick. in 2004 500 competitors were watched by 5000 people and there are now championships held in Ireland and North America. The sport itself dates a long way back, but is documented in 1848 in the Isle of Wight. It is also known in various regions as obblyonkers, cheggies, or cheesers. Although a cheeser has a flat side, being one of a twin or triplet:

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Our winners are:

Congratulations to Sunday for winning the Humorous speech contest with his talk entitled “Silly moments”

Congratulation to Allison for winning the Table Topics contest


Support these guys at the Area 44 contest round on the 27th September Hurrah!

The contest was a fun night support by seven members and nine visiting Toastmasters and the capable chairmanship of Minje with the support of the chief Judge Jim. Dave M and Louise kept time and Daniel acted as usher and Sergeant at arms. John S was Table-topics master. The competition counters were Delphine and Cecile


Humorous speech contestants (in draw order):

  1. Matt “What I know about Humour”
  2. Atma “How to have an arranged marriage”
  3. Sunday “Silly moments”

Table topic speech contestants (in draw order):

  1. Atma
  2. Sunday
  3. Allison

The topic question set by John focussed on not repeating the first world war and why life is different now and lessons have been learned.

During the judging we were entertained to some table-topics based on a famous character transported to improbable period in time and space.

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SmileCecile wins the speech contestStar.
SmileLouise wins the topicsStar.

10338698_851476828209496_718934803152648648_n[1] 10014779_851476531542859_2807046112619801703_o[1]
Both winners come from North Bucks speakers,and go forward to the next level on the 11th October. For details of all contests see:



Elena was 3rd in topics, Sue was second.

Delphine came 3rd in the humorous speech,and Dave was second.


Here’s the round up of what we saw today,as the 4 clubs went head to head in the next round of the contest.
The topics asked the question…what character would you be in a book?
Atma said he would be a hero,and change the world.
Elena was a touch risqué in being Anastasia Steele ( a shade naughty).
Johnathon wanted to be Sir Winston Churchill.
Delphine eventually decided on a fairy,noting French books were not so inspiring.
Trisha fancied taking on the carer role in Mice and Men.
Sue wanted to be Hermione in Harry Potter,but wanted a more burly husband.
Louise,who was first up,explained her son was mistaken for Harry Potter,and subsequently as his mother appeared,she was mistaken for his real mother.Stories of gothic clothes,capes and snakes won the competition.

From the humour point of view,we were entertained from start to finish.

Atma explained the perils of arranged weddings,Indian style.
Sue talked about planning a honeymoon,and the subsequent vaccines and other risks of exotic travel.
Tony cheekily told us about the embarrassment of his wife’s shopping habits.
Johnathon showed his attempts at pizza skills,and the subsequent disaster.
Delphine’s speech was the repercussions of not putting her birthday details on Facebook,and her mother forgetting the day. Delphine came third.

Daves attempts at DIY were hilarious,as he managed to create more damage than repair.He came second.
Cecile led us through an incredible journey of the perils of translating languages.All I can say,is that she really was awesome,and will wow the next level.A well deserved first prize.


There was a lot of work behind the scenes,and people were thanked.
Red,our division governor,explained about the next levels of the contest,and how the programme is changing.
It was an incredible day.Please support your area representatives on the 11th October.


Republished Daniel Sandars 1/10/2014 from original material on Facebook by Louise

Just a quick summary of the forthcoming autumn contest dates around Area 44.

Dates for Diaries Event Location/Notes
Wednesday, September 3 Cranfield Speakers’ Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest 6:15pm at the Cranfield Students’ Association (CSA) lounge NB Also the farewell party for our MSc leavers. Contact
Thursday, September 11 Bedford Speakers’ Humorous speech and topics contest 7:15pm Fox & Hounds, 178 Goldington Road, Bedford, MK40 3EB
Thursday, September 18 North Bucks Speakers’ Humorous speech and topics contest 7:15pm at The Well at Willen. For details contact:
Monday, September 22 Eldergate Speakers’ Humorous speech and topics contest 6:30pm at the MK National Badminton Centre Optional follow on drinks and meal at Slug and Lettuce pub. Contact
Saturday, September 27 Area 44 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest Cranfield Management Research Institute (CMRI), Cranfield Campus Contact
Saturday, October 11 Division G Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest The Huntingdon Golf Course
Friday, November 7 to Sunday, November 9 District 71 Conference (Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest final round) Belfast

Northampton Speakers are still a prospective club and will not host a contest this time.

Prepared by Daniel

DSCF2663Twenty Toastmasters, visiting Toastmasters and most welcome guest gathered at the College Arms on Cranfield University campus for a scrumptious awards dinner. I choose seafood and salad followed by sirloin of beef and a delicious dessert of chocolate profiteroles.

Some really big awards were announced, but first a flavour of the night in the order that it happened.

Matt kicked the night off as Sergeant at Arms with Maxime running the night as the Toastmaster of the Evening. Maxime and Allison have been involved in planning from the outset in April as the special event chairs and committee.

Jokemaster JimJim gave us a cracking joke on the perils of aging and the distraught man who found that marrying the sexiest and most attentive younger woman in the world was devastated to find he could no longer remember where he lived.

Our Table-topics master was Becky who brought out a bag of assorted things that linked to red. On being given a red tube of paint Louise came out as an artist. Helene puzzled out that a red facia off a fire alarm was connect to her special humour workshop with Bob Ferguson on the 9th July. Vivaldi’s four seasons didn’t quite have enough VAVOOM for Jim! What a cool Red Angry birds hat thought Steve as he described that marvels of both hat and iPad game.


Break for Dinner

Matt called us to order for the second half. We had two speakers:

  1. Stephanie returned to the floor after a break of two years to give us an excellent after dinner speech (Project 5 from the advanced speech manual the entertaining speaker). She addressed the students and related the story of her journey to graduation and beyond.  Graduation, she found didn’t automatically imply an executive house, car and pension but was an equally rewarding journey with false headings and new more fulfilling directions.
  2. Project Ten is the culmination of the Component Communicator Award and Paul delivered his. There are three very important things that you as future alumni will take away when you leave. You’ve had the excellent and renowned Cranfield University experience, you’ve travelled to be at Cranfield and experienced new people and cultures,  and you’ve invested scarce time and enriched your skills further by being members of Cranfield Speakers.

Stephanie gives an after dinner speech

The gongs and bling

  • Louise won best Table-topics speaker, sneaking a kiss on President John as she collected her ‘keep for life’ ribbon.
  • Matt won best use of humour and jested that as Sergeant at arms he did the counting and the result was right despite the conflict of interest.
  • Paul was awarded his official club badge complete with the ‘CC’ from his new award of Competent Communicator.

Paul Jones Awarded CC

Cranfield Toastmaster of the Year

This is the inaugural year and by popular nomination the first winner was Maxime for his outstanding contributions to all areas of the club many of which have won him awards and have set him up with a plan to earn his Competent Communicator award with his year at University. Amani took ‘silver’ as the warmest, friendliest member of the club who recently gave a speech on hope at twenty minutes notice to cover a sudden gap in a meeting.

Distinguished club program (DCP)

President John announced that Paul’s speech and thus award of Competent Communicator was the final piece in obtaining nine of ten possible points within the DCP, the first time Cranfield Speakers has done that in its three year history. We’ve just earned recognition from Toastmasters International as the President’s Distinguished Clubs and will be able fly to fly that ribbon from the club’s banner for the year ahead.


Area 44 Governorship

Lynda Andrews (Area 44) Governor addressed the room to thank Cranfield Speakers for its hospitality and that she is consistently pleased with the high quality of events that we hold. She announced that her time as our area governor was coming to an end, but that all was not lost as her very capable successor was in the room tonight. With that she called President John up and invested him the the insignia of the Governor of Area 44.