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Write up

TME’s write-up for Wednesday 8th October 2014

We had an eclectic mix of 21 characters participating, including 12 members, 8 guests and our Founding member, Yiorgos – all the way from Aberdeen via Greece!

Toastmaster of the Evening was Becky, who set the meeting theme of ‘The Muppets’ – taking inspiration from the Facebook post of a fellow member the previous week. We began by taking a minute to pay homage to ‘Mahna Mahna’, which reached out to the ears and soul of our audience via Bluetooth speaker:

Our Grammarian, Steve, tied into the Muppets theme, by introducing ‘Jump’ as the frog-like word of the day. Some excellent examples were used as we jumped – seamlessly – from speaker to speaker.Allison confidently multi-tasked by doing anything beginning with T: Timing, Telling us a joke (involving Bill Gates and arranged marriages) and Topics evaluating. Maria did a great job backing up our Evaluation team as General Evaluator.

Our Topics session, led so capably by Minjie, saw Atma transforming into Kermit the Frog, explaining to Miss Piggy that he was off to do a PhD and she would have to wait to marry him. Maria continued the session by transforming into Miss Piggy and responding to this news. She decided she was going to look at developing her own career and perhaps look into doing a Master’s. Paul W took over as Kermit and decided to do a U-turn and marry Miss Piggy right now – especially as they had managed to survive Ikea together. Yiorgos rounded off the topics session by transforming into a thieving Kermit – travelling all the way from Scotland to steal the Queen’s prized Toastmasters Best Speech trophy, under guard at the Tower of London.

Daniel, evaluated by Atma, gave us 70 Reasons Why Mum (@70) is Special – a speech developed to propose the toast for his mother’s 70th birthday gathering at Longleat (Centre Parcs) last weekend. The audience was his mother, his three children, their three spouses, and the ten grandchildren. They were also joined by his Mother’s sister and his late father’s brother and his family. Daniel relayed some touching family memories and gave us all food for thought.

Matt, evaluated by Paul W, gave us a speech with an ironic twist: ‘Positivity is for Muppets’, where he made some astute observations (involving the sofa) and treating us to some of his unique sense of humour. This was Matt’s 3rd speech – How to Say It. You can read more about Matt’s journey where he explores positivity here:

Our newest (and multilingual) member Gustavo, evaluated by Jim, heard about our club from the Internet and joined the club before he even touched down on the plane in the UK! He joins us from Neuchâtel Toastmasters Club in Switzerland and delivered the final speech from his Competent Communicator manual – Life is hard… Or is it? Where he highlighted that achieving success is dependent on your mindset when making decisions. Cracking speech, your Cranfield CC badge is on order, Gustavo!Gustavo also counted Ahs for us.

Yiorgos gave us a heartwarming speech at the end of the meeting and was presented -by his Co-Founder Jim -with the gift of a Cranfield memory stick with a top secret file loaded up on it! Atma, as President, reminded us all of our special

Demonstration event next meeting (to include a viewing of the afore-mentioned top secret file), which will be held in the Cranfield Management Research Institute (Building 38) – more info here:

  • Best Speaker Award: Matt
  • Best Table Topics Award: Maria & Paul W
  • Best Evaluator Award: Jim
  • Best Humour Award: Matt
  • Smooth Talker Award: Jim
  • GE Award: Allison for his expert multi-tasking skills

Lively night of nine topics speakers discussing the seasons led by Table-topics Master Josie. We heard about Sue’s experience of being flat on her back sucking a lollipop in preparation for her honeymoon Egypt and coming to fear the rumours of zombie dogs. Well done guest Tony who swept the board as best topics speaker and best use of humour. Guest Alex took the General Evaluators Award for creative thinking in his debut table topics speech.

In the table topics the final tally was Dave and Mark favouring Autumn, Winnie and Tony favouring Summer, Alex favouring the football season, Julie and Keith favouring Winter, and Sarah and Lynda favouring Spring.

The crew were Dave as General Evaluator, Lynda as Grammarian, Vice President of Education, and Sergeant at Arms, Sue as President, Craig as Time keeper, Tony as Grunt counter, and Daniel as Toastmaster of the meeting. Anne and Julie deputed as evaluators and did a smashing (word of the day) job.

Every seat at the boardroom table was taken by eight members and five guests. The five meetings running up to Xmas will take on themes for Halloween (Oct 20th), Bonfire night (Nov 3rd), and Xmas (Dec 18th). We have yet to decide if we want tall tales, impromptu theatre or thematic table topics.

A round up of comments!

An Excellent lively meeting, despite only having one speech. I should say it was smashing as this was the word of the day. Dave

I enjoyed giving my speech and got some really good feedback from everyone. It’s great to be back. Sue

It was an excellent meeting with guests participating fearlessly, promising to return next meeting. We look forward to seeing you all again. Lynda

The conkers theme plays off Northamptonshire hosting the World Championship of Conkers on the 2nd Sunday in October. It began, in the modern era, in 1965 in the village of Ashton, but has since moved to Southwick. in 2004 500 competitors were watched by 5000 people and there are now championships held in Ireland and North America. The sport itself dates a long way back, but is documented in 1848 in the Isle of Wight. It is also known in various regions as obblyonkers, cheggies, or cheesers. Although a cheeser has a flat side, being one of a twin or triplet:

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More information:

SmileCecile wins the speech contestStar.
SmileLouise wins the topicsStar.

10338698_851476828209496_718934803152648648_n[1] 10014779_851476531542859_2807046112619801703_o[1]
Both winners come from North Bucks speakers,and go forward to the next level on the 11th October. For details of all contests see:



Elena was 3rd in topics, Sue was second.

Delphine came 3rd in the humorous speech,and Dave was second.


Here’s the round up of what we saw today,as the 4 clubs went head to head in the next round of the contest.
The topics asked the question…what character would you be in a book?
Atma said he would be a hero,and change the world.
Elena was a touch risqué in being Anastasia Steele ( a shade naughty).
Johnathon wanted to be Sir Winston Churchill.
Delphine eventually decided on a fairy,noting French books were not so inspiring.
Trisha fancied taking on the carer role in Mice and Men.
Sue wanted to be Hermione in Harry Potter,but wanted a more burly husband.
Louise,who was first up,explained her son was mistaken for Harry Potter,and subsequently as his mother appeared,she was mistaken for his real mother.Stories of gothic clothes,capes and snakes won the competition.

From the humour point of view,we were entertained from start to finish.

Atma explained the perils of arranged weddings,Indian style.
Sue talked about planning a honeymoon,and the subsequent vaccines and other risks of exotic travel.
Tony cheekily told us about the embarrassment of his wife’s shopping habits.
Johnathon showed his attempts at pizza skills,and the subsequent disaster.
Delphine’s speech was the repercussions of not putting her birthday details on Facebook,and her mother forgetting the day. Delphine came third.

Daves attempts at DIY were hilarious,as he managed to create more damage than repair.He came second.
Cecile led us through an incredible journey of the perils of translating languages.All I can say,is that she really was awesome,and will wow the next level.A well deserved first prize.


There was a lot of work behind the scenes,and people were thanked.
Red,our division governor,explained about the next levels of the contest,and how the programme is changing.
It was an incredible day.Please support your area representatives on the 11th October.


Republished Daniel Sandars 1/10/2014 from original material on Facebook by Louise

Hey Dan. I was told the TME had to do a meeting write up. Here it is buddy… Thanks [Paul Wright] Cranfield Speakers Meeting. 24.9.2014

It was another great meeting for the Cranfield Speakers. We had our usual regulars that came to support and we also had a few new faces, which was great to see.

Paul Wright was our Toastmaster and he set the theme for the meeting which was “Being United’. This was inspired by Scotland voting to still be part of the UK. Becky Piper, the Grammarian and Ah Counter, jumped on the theme Bandwagon and made the Word Of The Day ‘United’. One guest was especially pleased about this as it gave him the opportunity to talk about Manchester United’s recent football performances. I say no more.

The Timekeeper for the evening was Matt Lambert. His role was more practical and didn’t involve a lot of speaking however, he managed to use the Word Of the Day which was sneaky, brilliant and deserved a pat on the back.

Just before the Topics Master came up Atma the Joke Master delivered his joke but unfortunately forgot the punch line! Atma later that evening explained what went wrong and then hit us with the correct punch line. I don’t think that has ever happened in a meeting and I’m sure the guests enjoyed it

Maria was next up being the Topics Master. She gave us all a challenging topic to speak about and it was a well thought out and great concept. A volunteer had to persuade a Movie Director why their chosen job would be great in a given movie.

John was up first being a plumber in a Jurassic Park movie.
Alex blew us away with his knowledge on StarWars.
Atma was a captain in a Harrry Potter film.
And Becky was hanging out flower pots on the Titanic Ship.

Next were the Speakers! 3 Speeches in total.

First up was Alex and he delivered a great speech. He showed class and great presence on the stage.
Second up was Sunday. Great volume and a fascinating subject on Energy.
Third up was John. A very entertaining speech on the history of the Mercedes Benz.

After the speeches and a quick break we then had the evaluations. These evaluations were delivered by Becky Piper, Minjie and Atma. All very thorough which gave the speakers excellent feedback.

Daniel the General Evaluator evaluated the Evaluators and the meeting as a whole. He made a very good point about putting more enthusiasm into the applause when welcoming a speaker or anyone that comes up to the stage. Dan the man made his voice heard because afterwards the following applause had volume and festival whistles.

The last part of the meeting were the Awards.


Alex delivered a great speech and topics so he had two awards to take home.

Becky taking best Evaluation

John taking best humour.
[Paul took General Evaluators award for his début night as Toastmaster of the Evening[

A lovely evening held by all. My one recommendation is to not allow Becky to draw the table layout on the white board but apart from that, it was a great meeting!

Thanks to all. Paul
[Editing and social media pitch Daniel 30/9/2014]

[Well done Alex for Sweeping Best Speaker and Best Topics Speaker. Fab job Becky taking Best Evaluator. Fantastic improvised speech and Humour Award for Area Governor John. Paul did a great debut job as Toastmaster of the Evening and won the General Evaluators Award. Everything was about ‘Being United’ We were joined by four guests and returning guests. Daniel]

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Umbrellas it was for theme and topics. Fifteen in the house! That is a great number for the mid summer holiday season! There were three new guests, three returning guests, eight members, and a visiting Toastmaster. Top honours to Best Speaker (Josie), Best Evaluator (Craig), Best use of Humour (Julie), and best table topics speakers (Kelvin, Jo and Julie)

Sue opened the meeting by going round the table inviting people to tell us all about their favourite holiday destinations. The destination were wide ranging from backpacking Vietnam to the Bright lights of Las Vegas, from Canada to Australia, and from Hawaii to Atlantis. Within Europe we had two in Andalucía (Spain), one in Venice and another over in Istanbul.

The Toastmaster of the Evening (Daniel) adopted umbrellas as theme of the meeting. A choice inspired by Northampton’s recent Umbrella festival and England’s inclement August.

Prepared Speeches

We were fortunate to have three prepared speeches and thus a was on the cards.

Maxime, a visiting Toastmaster from Cranfield Speakers, gave his project nine Competent Communicator speech on challenging ourselves to leave our comfort zones. Happiness is one step outside the comfort zone. It is easy to become creatures of habit, but there is always a need for the thrill of novelty. Maxime’s own life has seen him travel from France to Cranfield University to do his Master’s degree, into Cranfield Speakers to obtain his Competent Communicator with 11 months (picking up the inaugural Award of Cranfield Toastmaster of the Year), and earlier in the month a 6000km road trip to Andalucía.

Derek gave his maiden icebreaker speech on his life told through his ties. Derek fished out his first tie –from the Royal Artillery to start his life story as a Meteorologist that lead on a career path to becoming a trainer via a tie from the Territorial Army’s Tyneside Scottish. The inspiration for using Ties to tell a life story came the day before whilst Derek was attending to his laundry.

Joise gave her project three Competent Communicator speech entitled “A brief experience of mindfulness” Josie used grapes and chocolates to give us all a practical example of the heightened experience of the moment that is possible if take time to savour all the sensory details. Mindfulness is put forward as the wellbeing enhancing antidote to people over thinking the past or the future.

The Speech-evaluators were Daniel, Maxime, and Ganesh respectively.

Table Topics

Lynda Table Topics Master, picked up the Umbrellas theme and circulated various exotic umbrellas designs to set the context. The table topic speakers had to come forward and tell what they were thinking about when they invented, an as yet unseen, umbrella design.

Julie imagined the shower curtain umbrella that economically allowed its occupants to freshen up whilst they walked, clothed or otherwise.








Reena imagined the ever practical self standing umbrella that saved on all the bother of finding an umbrella stand at home or whilst out visiting.






Jo was intrigued by this backpack umbrella that left one hands free to drink wine or as the picture stereo-typically suggests carry the shopping home. This example, in Black, is clearly marketed to men for Valentine’s day inspiration. In a lad’s case this brolly is also ideal for himself to mooch about with iPhone and a pint of beer in total dryness.








Kelvin dreamed up the upside down umbrella to help dogs stay dry and owners get wet unless they are fitted out with matching backpack umbrella.







The table topics session was evaluated by Craig.

The Crew

Lynda and Hamid kept time as the Time-keepers. Lynda is also Vice-President of Education. Sue is President and for this meeting was also General & Meeting Evaluator and Sergeant at Arms. Reena was the Grunt counter.

Umbrella Trivia

There are many synonyms of the word umbrella. Which of the following was popular towards the end of the 19th century?

    Bumbershoot. Bumbershoot is an American term for umbrella that came into existence in the late 1890’s. Brolly is a synonym for umbrella that is commonly used in countries such as Britain and Australia. Other synonyms of umbrella include gamp, sunshade, rainshade and parapluie.

What were umbrellas originally used to protect people from?

    Sun. People have been using umbrellas for thousands of years to protect them from the sun and its heat and only a few hundred years for rain protection.

In Ancient Greece, umbrellas were a fashion accessory used only by men.

    False. Umbrellas were first used by women in Ancient Greece in the 5th century BC. The men did not use them as they were not considered to be manly enough. The tradition of Greek women with umbrellas continued for thousands of years.

In Egyptian mythology what was thought to be the underbelly of a god that stretched from side to the other like an umbrella?

    Sky. Ancient Egyptians believed the sky was the underbelly of a god and looked like a giant umbrella. This was why Pharaohs and other notable people were often seen under the shade of an umbrella.

In the 1400s sailors from Portugal that were destined for the East Indies carried an umbrella over their captain’s head when they landed on a new island. Why did they do this?

    To show his authority. Like many cultures, the Portuguese also saw the umbrella as a sign of authority and status. The same ships also carried umbrellas to offer as gifts to the native royals that they encountered on these islands.

John Hanway was the first person to introduce an umbrella to England. What was the main reason the English coachmen abused him when they saw him pass by?

    They feared the umbrella would affect their business. John Hanway bought the first umbrella to England from Portugal in the 17th century. He had the coachmen worried that would lose business and they often abused him.

In the 1700s umbrellas were in regular production in Britain. What material was most often used for the ribs of the umbrellas?

    Whalebone. That’s right, they chose to use whalebone. Whalebone is the structure in the mouths of whales that the animals use to filter out the small food such as krill from large mouthfuls of water. The whalebone was used because it offered both strength and flexibility.

Gosselin of Amiens is credited with inventing what type of umbrella?

    Fold-up umbrella. The fold-up umbrella has been around since the 1750s and the original model comprised of four steel rods and was designed to fit inside pockets.

Some British soldiers took umbrellas with them into the battles of the Napoleonic wars.

    True. The Napoleonic Wars took place in the early 1800s. Umbrellas were carried by some soldiers until the British military decided that they were not a fitting image for fighting soldiers. Soldiers from other countries including America also took umbrellas to some wars such as the Indian wars.

Brolliology is the study of umbrellas.

    True. Brolliologists usually study the origin and history of umbrellas. They can not however, agree upon where the umbrella originated as there is evidence that they have existed for thousands of years in civilisations such as the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.


Deep into the holiday season we were delighted to see two new guests, three returning guests, and seven members virtually taking every seat in the boardroom at 53 Billing Road.


Josie débuted as Evaluator and promptly take the award for the best evaluator! Well done!


First time guest Julie storms in with a joint share of best Table Topics speaker with Derek and goes on to get best use of Humour as well as the General Evaluators award. Brilliant simple brilliant Julie and well done Derek as well!

Sue opened the meeting with by asking everyone to introduce themselves and comment on summer festival that hey would love to attend. We leaned a lot about everyone ranging from music, to dance and from food to farming, etc. The word of the day was chosen a festive or festival.



1) Izzy delivered her Icebreaker entitled “fears”, such as the fear of public speaking and explored her fear of spiders.

Competent Communication Manual #1 – The Ice Breaker(4:00-6:00 min)
Speak before an audience; Use existing speaking skills; Introduce self to fellow club members.

Izzy has a propensity to do the crazy lady escape the spider dance if one of the wee beasties gets remotely close. As a mathematics trained scientist she graphed her fear against leg count and concluded that eight legs was the worst of all invertebrates by a significant margin. Lovely hand drawn visual aids showing an artistic flair inherited from her mother.

Josie evaluated Izzy and picked out the great content and story and then recommended that Izzy develop her delivery to include more use of the stage area and body language.

2) Lynda came to the recue, on the spur of the moment, with a speech entitled “Eek” based on the Competent Communicator manual project 5 “Your body speaks”. 

Competent Communication Manual #5 – Your Body Speaks(5:00-7:00 min)
Use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact to express the message and achieve the speech’s purpose; Make body language smooth and natural; Focus on methods of delivery as well as speech content.

Lynda described how one drizzly day in the dark predawn stillness she heard a sudden demonic screeching. Jumping to the conclusion that her Guinea pigs were under attack she leaped out of bed in total darkness and made her way out across the cold and sodden lawn. All was well, but Lynda was as wet as a drowned rat with her pyjamas doing justice to any wet t-shirt contest. Making her way back towards her front door she was horrified to see looming out of the darkness the silhouette of a strange man standing inside the open door of her home. In an instant the stranger spotted her and both screamed in shock and fled. It transpired that it was the milkman on his rounds and he was startled to find the house wide open and dark and he ventured over the threshold to see if anyone needed help.

Derek bravely came forward as a debut evaluator and did very well picking out a lot of strengths and made several intelligent recommendations.

Table Topics

Ganesh was débuting as Table Topics master and adopted the approach of providing a series of slightly obscure words and inviting speakers to come forth an hazard a definition for each word

  1. Adumbrate –Sue described her overshadowing festival –fairy light enhanced -shelter to prevent excess sunburn
  2. Hackneyed –Derek described the well hackneyed banter of hackney cab drivers
  3. Malediction –Kodi described how any of his addictions always seemed to be bad for him and thus maledictions (and thus presumably the search goes on for a good a one, i.e a benediction?)
  4. Pugnacious –Lynda described how her son had managed to turn her car into a pungent pugnacious mobile when he did the oil change…eventually she narrowed it down to him leaving his hamburger under the bonnet on a very hot pipe.
  5. Parsimony –Julie developed a definition from the old French of an elegant way of describing a woman who chooses not to marry.
  6. Vicarious – Reena spoke of the vicarious vicars who are privy to all the best gossip in town during the confessional.

Daniel evaluated the session and commended the way Ganesh was able to creatively manage the time and extend the session to include more people and compensate for the late loss of one of the planned speeches. In time, as Ganesh gets more familiar with the role, it will be easier to set up a good introduction and then summarise before asking for votes. It was also a tough test of impromptu speaking and Ganesh handled it well allowing people to say NO, but in the longer term other approaches will make sessions more accessible to novices. One recommended approach is the familiar set of questions…If you could go to any point in time when would that be and why? If you ruled the world what would you do?…If you had a super power of you choice what would it be and why?

The Motley Crew

Sue starred as President and Toastmaster of the Evening. Lynda was General & Meeting Evaluator and minded us all to keep tidy handovers with hand shakes. Daniel doubled up as time keeper and Kodi counted the grunts.

Next Meeting

18th August 14 at 19:15 at 53 Billing Road, Northampton

Members take your roles:

Club website:

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Note the club aims to be present with a stall at the Umbrella Fair 16 & 17 August at Northampton racecourse ( All welcome to volunteer to man the stand. Liaise with Sue Savage please.

The Awards

Best speaker award goes to Sunday for his Icebreaker

Amaia takes the best Table Topics Speaker Award


Daniel (right) and Atma (left) share the honours as best Evaluators


Sunday comes back to accept the best use of humour


Amani crowns the Awards with the Silver Cranfield Toastmaster of the Year 2013-2014 Award

TME Report

It was a summer evening at Cranfield Speakers club with Allison as Toastmaster of the Evening. He set the theme ‘Enjoy Ice Cream this Summer’ for the meeting, reiterating that as we enjoy the heat of the summer, we all are happy when the ice cream van comes along; adults and children alike scamper around the van to enjoy copious portions of ice cream from beautiful CONES! He informed members that Charles E Menches is credited with the invention of the ICE CREAM CONE on 23rd July 1904, a particularly hot day, when he bought up his neighbor’s wafer pastries and rolled them into cones to serve ice cream.

Jim was Jokemaster while Matt was the Time Keeper! Eva, the Grammarian gave us ‘Euphoric’ as the word of the day, counted the grunts, and handled the Table Topics, giving out alphabets and phrases to talk about. Daniel picked D’ and spoke about Dangerous Cellulitis; Amani picked ‘A’ and talked about the need for Air-conditioning in her home Mediterranean climate; Atma who grabbed an ‘L’ told us a Love story he heard from a fish. Amaia, speaking about Every Last Straw, informed us of how some people save energy by switching off light, while others save water by not having their bath.

The joke was the story of Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Bill Gate reaching Heaven on the same day. When asked why they should enter Heaven Bill Clinton said he tried to represent the people, Al Gore tried to save the environment, but Bill Gates wondered why God was sitting in his chair.

In the prepared speech segment; Alex, who was introduced by his Evaluator Amaia, spoke on,‘There’s Method in the Madness’. He cautioned Toastmasters not to always focus on ourselves, as there are needy people all around us. He recommended unused cloths to be sent to charity shops, excessive food to be given to the hungry and for everyone to strive to do things for other people.

Maria, who was introduced by her Evaluator, Stephen, demonstrated how to Get to the Point with her speech entitled, ‘Don’t Just Sit There’. She pointed out that the body metabolism slows down and does not process sugars and that leads to all manners of health challenges, when one just sits there. She recommended what to do about it, which was, to move about.

Daniel introduced Sunday who Break the Ice, with his speech entitled, ‘My Childhood Hero’. Sunday took us down memory lane, a quite emotional speech, of how Sir Emmanuel, a total stranger, saved him from the pangs of alcoholism and illiteracy by providing help at the right time and the right place.

In the awards segment, Sunday took home his Ice Breaker Pin, the trophies for the Best Speech and most Humorous Speech. Daniel and Atma won Best Evaluator (Daniel for the first time)! Best Table Topics was won by Amaia. The General Evaluator’s award went to Eva, while Atma was the Smooth Talker of the evening. Amani was formally presented with her Silver Award for doing so well for Cranfield Speakers in the immediate passed year.

Atma reminded all present about the forth coming Humorous Speech Contest, and encouraged members to participate.

Next meeting will be on 13th August 2014. All welcome.

Prepared by Allison and Edited by Daniel Sandars, 27/07/2014


For the first time in three years Daniel wins Best Evaluator.

Every seat at the boardroom table was taken by six members, three new guests, and three returning guests. We enjoyed two prepared speeches from Dave and Sue. New member Josie led an inspired table topics session that drew eight topics speakers to the floor. Issie and Dereck shared the honours for best topics speakers and Dave took best evaluator for doing a fantastic job evaluating all eight topics speakers and Josie the table-topics master. To round out the night Sue, Kelvin, Daniel and Josie tied for best use of humour.

 DSCF2943-001 DSCF2947-001


Prepared Speeches

Dave’s gave us an after dinner talk, the fifth project from the advanced manual “The Entertaining Speaker”, entitled “Time will tell”. The talk was a humorous tour of his experience of Toastmasters venues with with flawed character overlaid with his experiences of being involved with six club start-up attempts. Some venues needed extra seating up the isles of the library, others had singing in the background, some were cold and mouldy, and yet others prone to impossible car parking if the local hall had an event on.

Sue’s prepared speech on “How to win at Meetup” was a project 2 speech from the Competent Communicator manual. Sue laid out a systematic approach to optimising the use of the Meetup website by Toastmasters’ clubs. Going through the What, Why, How and When that works. Of those present at the Meeting over half had heard of Northampton Speakers through Meetup. Since the meeting others have signed up at Meetup.

Table Topics

Josie developed an inspired theme around colours, drawing and mood. Drawing and colouring form part of her earliest memories.

  1. Kelvin talked about childhood memories and boxing with his relatively young father and the need to catch-up on some more moments like that.
  2. Daniel talked about why some teachers are grumpy –are they kill joy disciplinarians? In any case they are far better off pensioned off as soon as the pension system can be fixed.
  3. Lynda spoke about art and what is art and that it is what you want it to be.
  4. Issie mused about doing something she loved, which might be learning and contrasted that to her up coming consultancy career which will surely offer a heady ascent up the salary scale.
  5. Jacky, when asked about favourite clothing, told of her love for 1960s vintage clothing that she either makes or sources online or in specialist shops.
  6. Reena gave us her views on colours and moods around the house from hot energetic red and orange colours that might not be restful to calmer blues and greens.
  7. Dereck was given brands and colours and plumped for VW, his employers brand, and the colour for him in a car was the first available –silver.
  8. Kodi spoke of yellow ducklings and sky blues as great fun calming mood colours to have around children.


Sue was President, General Evaluator, Meeting Evaluator, and Sergeant at arms. Lynda was Vice president of Education. and Toastmaster. Dave was Topics Evaluator with Daniel and Joydeep being the Speech Evaluators. Daniel and Joydeep were also the timekeepers. Kelvin took on the grunt counter role.

DSCF2946-001 DSCF2944-001 DSCF2945-001

Next meeting 4th August at 53 Billing Road, Northampton

See this meeting written up as a Prezi!

A lively highly functional night. We had six members, four welcome guests, the Area 44 Governor, and a fellow visiting Toastmaster. We had two great icebreakers from new members Josie and Ganesha. Joise went on to earn the smooth talker award. The general evaluator’s award went to first time guest Sara for sheer bravery in attempting her first table topic. With three speeches we were able to hold a contest that Isaiah won. Area Governor John took best evaluator and first time Guest Isabella took best table topics speech.

Sue lead with the roles of President, Sergeant-at-arms, Toastmaster-of-the-Evening and speech evaluator. Lynda was the general, meeting and topics evaluator. The other speech evaluators were John and Dave. Of the remaining roles Isaiah was the grunt counter, Daniel the table-topics master, and Josie made her début as the time keeper.

The new Area 44 Governor, John, paid us a visit. Fortunately, we were not overawed as his two immediate predecessors, Lynda and Sue, are members of Northampton Speakers. He gave heartening feed back that prospective club Northampton Speakers was not just a few people meeting but a fully function club providing the genuine Toastmasters experience to its members and guests.

12 Cranfield Speakers attended last night’s ‘Mountaineering’ themed meeting and lots of discoveries were made through our 4 sporty table topics, 4 prepared speeches, evaluations and supporting roles! Slides follow…
Becky (acting as Toastmaster of the Evening)

Remember – 3 Top Tips for Mountaineering…

TRAIN: Use the stairs not the lift
PLAN: Your route & wear appropriate footwear
PREPARE: Food, water, mobile phone, first aid kit & shelter
From Becky,
Toastmaster of the Evening


Slides from Maxime’s talk

Slides from Allison’s talk

Slides from Amaia’s talk

Assembled by Daniel Sandars 14th July 2014