Welcome to the new website

Dear Members;

Welcome to your new look website for the 2011 speaking season.

The site is built on WordPress and I designed a theme which bears some resemblance to Toastmasters branding. The theme can be edited at any time.

This site will enable ALL members of BOTH clubs to become a blog author and write entries about their speaking experience at either club.

There are several ways to reach the website.

The main http://mktoastmasters.co.uk URL still stands.

In addition I have enabled http://eldergate.mktoastmasters.co.uk
and http://northbucks.mktoastmasters.co.uk
(please do click on these and see what happens).

I plan to enable a podcast.mktoastmasters.co.uk URL at some time in the not too distant future.

Speak to me if you want to become a member writer and have a story to tell.

All content can only serve to bring readers to the site.

Right, now to work on some SEO and get us up the rankings!

Kind regards

Mark Ty-Wharton


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