Presidential Meeting 7th July

In the first congress of the new term,we gathered together for a Presidential theme,thanks to American independence day.We continued the party theme from last week,but more on that later.
Rob led the meeting with witty quotes about waffles and other unusual facts.

Roger came back to take on the timing

Gerald was grammarian,with a conundrum word of the day.

1. a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words, as What is black and white and read all over? A newspaper.
2. anything that puzzles.

Mick and Chris counted grunts.

Tim in his role as VPE,explained that leaving the manuals behind,is like turning up for a swim without a towel or costume (embarrassing and inconvenient)Keep your manuals with you in your TM folder,and bring them to meetings
He said we’d use easyspeak to book meeting roles,rather than the paper trail way.He then took us onto a warm up joke,
which was a conundrum in itself.

Nicky blasted us back to the 80’s with a Mr Ben topics session

Each person was given a fancy dress item,as per the shop in the show.

Jim R was a whacky wizard complete with harry potter clothes
Louise was a victorian caped professional policeman,who assisted with convenience
Tim was a diver (no trunks or towel) suffering suffocating snorkels as he couldn’t find the treasure.Best humour and topics
Chris donned a dinosaur hat ,but realised he couldn’t step into his shoes.

Simon B evaluated with confidence and humour and showed us how he has improved his skills.

Maggies 2nd speech was about bees,complete with a honeycombe.Her husband,Gunta came along too.
Best speech again Maggie……fabulous!

Jim E evaluated

Mo gave us a poetic wedding speech,complete with bubbly and samosas.

Jim R evaluated

Lorne broke the ice with a history lesson of the real Milton keynes,as his family settled here,due to the railway works.Nerves led to most grunts,but the content was informative,and Lorne has started his speaking journey.
Carmel evaluated with tremendous flair.She mentioned
fluent and evocative language,and talked about a lovely part of history,from his story.
Carmel,you have a way with words!Best evaluator was well deserved.

Louise co-hosted sergeant at arms with Tim.

Lynda multi tasked as general evaluator and president.

Nicky baked some fabulous muffins again.

See you next time.

Anyone who wants to learn about committee roles,contact Lynda about the club officer gathering on 16th July.

Louise Mason CC.ACB.ALB

Meeting Secretary North Bucks Speakers

Facebook,North Bucks Speakers.

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