21st July Cavern meeting

Just for a moment,imagine 15 of you are trapped in a deep cave,many of your party are missing,and you want to keep everyone calm and entertained.

This was the unique theme for Tim’s meeting,after many meeting roles were left unclaimed,despite requests for help.

Gerald had already volunteered to keep time,and placed himself in a position to monitor the situation
Lynda took on grammarian with word of the day being

1. Unpleasantly loud and noisy: “There are those who find the trombones blatant and the triangle silly, but both add effective color” (Musical Heritage Review).
2. Usage Problem Totally or offensively conspicuous or obtrusive: a blatant lie

Our spirits were raised when Mark took us through topics.The theme was a book summary,with the players going through 2 chapters each.This was a complex session.
Jim R customised his creation with tales of crimean war wounds
Lynda continued with treacherous treasure trove searches
Rob N elevated the pace with tales of time travel and espionage
Tim completed the tale as he crept over the carpet,conversing with the charactors therein.(best topics)

Sarma took on his 2nd speech on education and was evaluated by Gentle Jim.
Jim praised the difficulties around speaking in a second language,adding that practice is essential to improve abilities.
Jim said he practices his speeches around 6 times,before performing.This is the advantage of having a prepared speech and primed evaluator

(I practice,perfect,then record and playback,until it’s in my head)

Yiorgos painted a picture of gardens and benefits to all of us in his 7th speech.
Lovely Lynda was volunteered to evaluate,praising his body language.

Mick made us consider manufacturing in his 2nd speech
Manic Mark,having been volunteered after his topics session, evaluated in his unique style,suggesting Mick took his speech to breakfast clubs.

Carmel obtained her CC(competant communicator) badge (speech 10)
We were taken on an emotive journey through personal development in adversity.She claimed the best speaker award,and it was very much deserved.
Reliable Rob N ,was volunteered to feedback,describing her as a ‘wizard of wordery’ (best evaluator)
Carmels language was magical,and left the audience spell bound.

Rob P,our newest member,tackled grunts as if they were second nature,entering into the collapsed cavern theme with humour.He obtained the humour and general evaluators award.

Louise was the general evaluator,and led the rescue team .
This meant adding topics evaluation to the summary.
As part of the overall evaluation,members were reminded about leadership roles,the benefits of taking time to prepare and rehearse speeches,and the importance of keeping to time.It pays to have a ‘get out’ if time is running out.

When you request a speech,ask someone to evaluate you at the same time.This way ,you can brief each other on what is required

Tim was praised for his unique theme,which dealt with the issue of meeting role gaps.

Mohamad guested and plans to return with friends

Lynda,our president obtained her CL (competant leader award)

Diary dates
humour/topics contest

club 1st September
area 5th October
Division 15th October

our next meeting 4th August

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