4th August meeting


13 people,including 2 guests,Steve and Will,attended the hat and technology meeting.
Jim R took on a triple role of speaker,jokemaster and toastmaster ,Nicky kept time,Gerald the grunts and Lynda grammarian.
Word of the day

characterized by a ready and continuous flow of words; fluent; glib; talkative: a voluble spokesman for the cause



Nicky stressed the importance of keeping on time,whilst Gerald’s humourous feedback gave him the best humour award.
The meeting started a little late due to the technology challenges.It was a terrific team of techies who won through in the end.
Maggie handled the topics session with hats!
These were the De bono thinking hats,and 4 people were chosen to have a meeting about pet monkeys being looked after in a workplace.
Will had an optimistic view and won topics prize
Geralds creative hat was a very positive view
Lyndas red hat emotive view was concerned
Micks black hat took a cautious path.
Visually it was hilarious,as was the overall response.
This was Maggies first topics session. Great imagination as always.
Rob broke the ice with a no notes  speech about his journey to Toastmasters,including distractions such as cricket and rugby.(best speech)
Jim E evaluated praising eye contact and benefit of absorbing the audience attention
Jim presented the 100 day Charter period of Cranfield on a powerpoint demo,and Harsheed evaluated.
It was good to see Harsheed evaluate and his logical thinking made positive suggestions.
Louise donned a sailors hat and took us through a voluble voyage of yachting for beginners. Louise used powerpoint to illustrate the humour.
Mick evaluated for his first time and used seafaring terms to illustrate his feedback.He had spent time to discuss his evaluation with Louise and asked for mentorship to prepare the role.This paid off and he won best evaluator.
Tim was general evaluator and stepped into evaluate topics too.
Tim,in his role as VPE stressed the importance of using the easyspeak site to book/confirm roles,although there had been technological issues too.
Lynda thanked Nicky for the cakes,and presented prizes.
In September,we have our humour and topics contest.
A chair person is needed ,as well as officials and speakers.
Provisional date is 1st September
next meeting
18th august
Louise Mason CC.ACB.ALB
Meeting Secretary North Bucks Speakers 


Facebook,North bucks speakers.



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