24th August meeting

Following a 17 minute delay as entry to the venue proved to be unusually challenging, the evening kicked off with Rohit opening the meeting in his role as Sergeant at Arms and introducing Vignesh as Toastmaster for the evening.

Paul explained his role as Timekeeper and, in his role as Grammarian, Yiorgos introduced ‘Gerrymandering’ (the process of lobbying to get what you want) as his word for the day.

Jim took up the challenge of telling a tasteful joke involving blondes, police officers and driving licenses.

Tim took on the role of Table Topics Master for the evening and provided participants with an opening line and an object.

John took on the first topic of “The recovery man came out form the bonnet of my car and gave me this [a lump of BluTack]…” by explaining his aversion to rivets and use of the BluTack instead.

Andy approached his topic, “The doctor came into the waiting room and handed me this [a conker]…” by describing what a culinary delight a vinegar-soaked conker is, but how it had resulted in great pain.

Louise explained why “The fireman came out of the burning house and handed me this [a golf ball]…” by recounting how the neighbours had thrown the golf ball through the window in anger following a party one night and unfortunately some candles had been left alight…

Alison’s theme of,  “When all the guests had finally left, the cleaner handed me this [an extendable key-ring]…” was preceded by a vivid description of an office party with too much drink and photocopying and a clever refusal to fully explain the cleaner’s find.

First speaker Rebecca gave her third speech ‘A Survival Guide: The Family Holiday’ and presented the audience with a SWOT Analysis and her three recommendations for surviving family holidays – manage expectations, explore and reflect.

Evaluated by Alison, who stepped in on the night and commended use of the flip chart, composure and openness; and recommended attention to eye contact and use of colloquial terms.

Second speaker Mikael gave his second speech ‘How to Fly’ and explained the benefits of both solo and tandem sky-diving and highlighted the dangers of addiction!

Evaluated by John, who commended the inspiring and descriptive content, which had smooth transitions between sections, and which had been well-organised. Improvements to body language were noted and recommendations were made for closer attention to annunciation.

Third speaker Paul gave his second speech ‘The Bottle that Time Forgot’ and took us back to the origins of his plastic bottle two million years ago.

Evaluated by Andy, who commended Paul’s opening, his use of a prop and for making the audience think differently about the life of the plastic bottle. Recommendations were made for attention to body language and a stronger ending.

General Evaluator Jim explained the value of helping each other develop through evaluations. This was followed by evaluations of the three evaluators, the meeting officials and the meeting as a whole.

Vignesh was commended as Toastmaster, along with his effective delegation of roles and smooth running of the evening itself.

On Presidential matters Jim reminded everyone that the 28th September is the Club’s Humorous Speech Contest and members are now being requested to volunteer as contestants for this first Cranfield club contest. Please do let Jim know if you would be interested in participating on the 28th Sept.

On other matters, a discussion ensued about recruitment of new members following the Sept intake. It was agreed that Cranfield Toastmasters would request a stand at the CMA Fresher’s Fair, flyers would be included in student welcome packs and an introduction presentation would be done in the same way as last year.

15 attended including 2 guests, Eduardo and Carla, who commended the group and commented on how varied the topics had been and how the two hours had just flown!


Best Speech – Paul

Best Evaluator – Andy

Best Table Topics – John

Best Humour – John


A hugely enjoyable meeting – thanks to all!


The meeting closed on time 8.00pm

Farewell to Rohit and good luck for your new job in Aberdeen! Best wishes also go to all the other Cranfield MBA Toastmasters and we look forward to welcoming some new ones 🙂

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