28th September 2011 meeting

On the 28th September, Cranfield held its first ever humorous speech and impromptu speaking contest. After the judges and the contestants had been formally briefed, the evening kicked off with Andy opening the meeting in his role as Sergeant at Arms, introducing Jim as Contest Chair.

Maggie and Trisha kept time for the evening and Nicky and Jim counted grunts. Jenny headed up the panel of four judges.

The first contestant for humour was Louise, whose speech ‘Under the Stars’ guided the audience through three types of camping: Festival Camping, highlighting the need for waders and guitars for firewood; Wild Camping, featuring silence, solitude and survival skills; and Glamping, where expectations ride high around the luxury teepee offering.

Second contestant was Daniel, whose speech entitle ‘Seconds of mid-life anyone?’ gave us all an insight into his married, male and middle-aged state – even throwing in the odd mother-in-law joke!

Third up was Rebecca with her speech entitled ‘Starting School’, which included a personality profiling of the audience – using how they engaged with sweets back in their classroom days as the determining factor.

The fourth contestant was Paul, who took us through the three types of people perceived to be living their lives in a state of cliché – management consultants, politicians and society in general with our small talk.

As they entered the room one at a time, Jim advised each table topics contestant of the same topic, which was a definition of the word ‘jobsworth’ followed by the request to recall their most memorable encounter of a jobsworth.

First contestant for table topics was Paul, who recounted his experience within an engine room and a colleague refusing to clean some boiler plates using a toothbrush.

Second contestant was Louise who recalled her experience of returning items to a shop without a receipt.

Third up was Yiorgos, who spoke of petrol park attendants who had ideas above their station.

Fourth contestant was Tom, who observed the jobsworths among ‘Council Waste Executives’, but then pointed out that there is probably a jobsworth in all of us somewhere.

Jenny presented the Certificates of Participation for Humourous Speech 2011 and then announced 2nd place to Louise and 1st place to Paul.

Certificates of Participation for Table topics were given out, and 2nd place awarded to Paul, and 1st place awarded to Louise.

As winners from our club competition, Paul and Louise will go on to compete in the Beds and Bucks Area Contest, which Cranfield is hosting next Wednesday, 5th October, in the CMRI (Bldg 38) at 8pm. All members are warmly encouraged to attend this special Area event.

17 attended including 2 guests: Carla and Sam.

Carla commented on how clever people were to get up and talk on table topics and hopes one day to be able to do the same.
Sam expressed how impressed he was and would like to spread the word amongst his course mates.

A thoroughly entertaining meeting – thanks to all!

The meeting closed on time 7.55pm

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