Cranfield Toastmasters meeting notes for 26th October 2011

Following a 6 minute delay, the meeting on Wednesday 26th October kicked off with Louise introducing a Halloween flavour to the evening in her role as a bewitched Toastmaster.

Rebecca explained her role as timekeeper, Daniel introduced the word ‘sensuality’ as the word of the day in his role as grammarian and Yiorgos introduced the leadership programme.

Mikael acted as our Table Topics Master for the evening and, having introduced each of the participants as ghost experts, gave them each a question about their specialist subject.

In explaining his most terrifying ghost experience, Yiorgos told the terrible tale of how, as a child, he had dressed up in a pink cowboy outfit and his brother as a ghost. In answer to his question, Tim explained that the only thing to scare ghosts was the evil Topic Master, but offered them the solution to remember that fear is all in the mind. Stephanie described a see-through, Victorian woman with no feet who floated around re-enacting parts of her life when she wasn’t haunting, but reassured us that it was nothing to be scared of. Niels explained that should we see a ghost, we shouldn’t just run away screaming, we should take a second look and try to get to know it.

In the first of the prepared speeches, Yiorgos (evaluated by Andy) presented the ‘Advanced Leader Silver’ award to Jim (evaluated by Jeremy), who then gave a speech entitled ‘I don’t do humble!’ in response to the award of this highest leadership award available in Toastmasters, explaining how he had got to this level.

Tim then gave an educational speech about how to put a speech together, and outlined the strong, simple steps around subject, content structure, enhancement and delivery, using lots of examples and flight analogies along the way!

Tom (evaluated by Stephanie) gave his second prepared speech aptly entitled ‘The taboo of death’, in which he demonstrated speech organization, as well as a black sense of humour!

In his role as General Evaluator and, in the absence of an evaluator for Tim’s speech, John gave an impressive 90 second evaluation of Tim’s speech. This was followed by evaluations of the three evaluators, the meeting officials and the meeting as a whole. As part of this summary, John offered up the advice that more attention should be paid to the handovers between speakers.

On Presidential matters, Jim reminded all existing members that renewals were now payable – either to himself or Andy.

21 attended including 9 guests.


Best Speech – Tom

Best Evaluator – Stephanie

Best Table Topics – Niels

Best Humour – Tom

The meeting closed on time at 8pm.

Looking forward to our next meeting on Wednesday 9th October at 6pm.


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