9th November 2011 meeting

The meeting on Wednesday 9th November kicked off on time with Tim introducing a theme for the evening of ‘beginners’.

Laura time kept and Mikael counted grunts. In her role a grammarian, Rebecca introduced the word of the day as ‘doppelgänger’, meaning a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.

Yiorgos introduced the Toastmasters Leadership programme and explained the importance of evaluations.

Tim welcomed himself as Table Topics Master for the evening and, continuing the beginners theme, encourages each of the participants to come up and explain what would be their ideal table topic.

Nils and Victor stepped up and explained their backgrounds and how it was they came to be studying at Cranfield.

Run Lin talked about his fascination with the differences between Chinese and Western culture and the obsession for kissing in the West!

Kala recounted a conversation she’d had around ‘what is knowledge?’ And shared a view that it is not just power, but the power to choose.

In the first of the prepared speeches, Paul (evaluated by Yiorgos) gave his 4th speech entitled ‘Your mind and other planets’ in which he educated us on how to remember all the planets in the solar system in order of their distance from the sun, by framing them within a story.

Victor followed with his first Icebreaker speech (evaluated by Jim) in which, having outlined his business communications background he told us of his desire to give something back to society, be happy and make others proud.

Third speaker was Fiona (evaluated by Andy), who broke the ice with her first speech and, having explained her Italian name but French nationality, guided us away from the French stereotype of beret, baguettes and wine!

In her role as General Evaluator Louise gave evaluations of the three evaluators, the meeting officials and the meeting as a whole.

On Presidential matters, Jim clarified that new members will be expected to pay the initial registration fee of £25 plus a partial 6-monthly subscription in order that all memberships will be due for the full 6-monthly renewal at the end of March 2012.

Tim invited Cranfield members to attend two local Toastmasters Christmas events – The Eldergate Christmas Party and Tall Tales Competition on 7th Dec and also the North Bucks Christmas event. For more information, contact Jim Reynolds.

It was agreed that Cranfield would host its own international style Christmas event on Wednesday 14th December, involving tall tales and a ‘global’ seasonal buffet. Members are kindly requested to bring a donation of festive food to add to the international flavor of the night! Festive costumes optional 🙂

18 attended including 2 guests.


Best Speech – Paul

Best Evaluator – Jim

Best Table Topics – Kala

Best Humour – Victor

The meeting closed on time at 8pm.

Looking forward to our next meeting on Wednesday 23rd November at 6pm.

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