Cranfield Toastmasters meeting notes for 25th January 2012

John led last week’s meeting as Toastmaster and after welcoming members and guests, introduced the evening’s agenda and officials.

Nils kept time and Paul took on the role of grammarian, introducing the word ‘frangible’ as the word of the day.

Kala counted grunts and Yiorgos outlined the Toastmasters Leadership programme. Jim told a tasteful joke about how the angel got to be put on the top of the Christmas tree.

Mikael was Table Topics Master for the evening (with Louise evaluating) and invited participants to play the game ‘reverse jeopardy’, where he gave each participant a simple question to answer:

Tim told us who Rocketman is; Tom let us know which are the most dangerous animals in the world; Atul explained that the world’s toughest race was swimming; and Yiorgos described what colours are.

In the first of the prepared speeches, Becky (evaluated by Paul) gave her 5th speech entitled ‘Nifty Negotiating’ in which she highlighted the importance of engaging, understanding and co-creating.

Andy followed (evaluated by Yiorgos) with his 5th presentation ‘Don’t just listen, watch’, where he gave examples of how our body language has an impact on the message being conveyed.

Third speaker was Laura (evaluated by Tim) who delivered her 2nd speech about the difference between airlines and how low-cost airlines are able to offer their more affordable prices.

Finally, Victor (evaluated by Louise) educated us all with ‘What are dark pools?’ in his 2nd speech.

In his role as General Evaluator Yiorgos gave evaluations of the three evaluators, the meeting officials and the meeting as a whole.

On general club matters, Jim reminded members about the upcoming special event for all clubs within our Area – the International Speech and Evaluation Contest, which will be held on Wednesday 7th March.

In preparation for this contest, Cranfield will hold its own contest on Wednesday 22nd February. Members are invited to volunteer for the evaluation contest, where they will competitively evaluate a target speaker. Members are also welcome to volunteer to be the target speaker in order to gain valuable feedback from a variety of perspectives. Please contact Jim for more information.

Cranfield members are also welcome to attend the North Bucks club contest on 16th February at the Well at Willen and also their Tall Tales evening on 7th February at the Slug and Lettuce in Milton Keynes.

Please note change of venue for the next Cranfield meeting – 8th February meeting will be held in the CMRI (Bldg 38). The meeting on 22nd February will be back at our normal venue, the L&D Room in Bldg 33.

17 attended including 2 guests.

Best Speech – Victor
Best Evaluator – Louise
Best Table Topics – Yiorgos
Best Humour – Andy
The meeting closed on time at 8pm.

Looking forward to our next meeting on Wednesday 8th February at 6pm.
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