Cranfield Toastmasters meeting notes for 8th February 2012

Yiorgos led the meeting, which will be known as the ‘feel the love’ edition.

Tim warmed up the audience with a woolly joke, followed by Valentine topics by Ashley, evaluated by Jim.

Victor talked about his dating disaster, Louise talked about the best valentines gift, a song from her son, Dan said he hated being single and won topics, whilst Carla, simply needed a hug.

There were many more hugs in the evening as the speeches progressed.

Paul told us about love, joy and anger, including bold body language, evaluated by Yiorgos (best speech). Nils led us through 4 heads of personality, with Daniel evaluating.

Atul and Hemant both broke the ice, evaluated by Tim and Jim.

Maissa was grammarian, Laura grunt counter and Victor multitasked doing the timer role and reading a newspaper at the same time.

Louise pulled the meeting together with a general evaluation, before Jim cajoled people into the competition.

Looking forward to our next meeting on Wednesday 22nd February, back in our usual venue, the L&D Room, Bldg 33 at 6pm. This next meeting will be our club contest and although we now have enough speakers, we’re still looking for volunteers to be officials. Contact Jim or Paul for further info.

Evaluations and contests
Having won an evaluation contest, there are a few tips to consider:

  • First of all, do read the judging criteria, found on the D71 website.
  • Look for all the things you normally look for, such as triads, alliteration and good use of grammar.
  • Be aware of pace and volume.
  • When you feed back, imagination often pays off, as well as being demonstrative.
  • Ask experienced evaluators how they do it.

Your club mentors are Louise and Tim.

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