North Bucks Speakers – Meeting Summary – 31st May 2012

Carmel led a spectacular Jubilee edition of Toastmasters,complete with flags!
She included right royal gaffes,which fitted in with our republican Delphine,whose word of the day was guillotine! Delphine won best humour for that.

We had 2 jokers today,one being Jim with an asylum joke,the other being Tim with his royal Beckham joke.

Louise,dressed in authentic 1950’s clothing,led a decadent topics.
It started in the 1950s with Maggie as a 1950s housewife,with her burco boiler.
1960s led to Sheetal talking about mobile phones(time travelling maybe?).
1970s took Roger on a smashing journey.
1980s led to Tim,the rock star being in psychedelic heaven(17?)
Tim won best topics.

Mick performed his 10th speech…..CC…wow
Eye of the Tiger.
Louise evaluated after press ganging Mick into the speech. Mick showed us how he performs well without notes and under pressure. He was teased about the football topic,but he compared it to the passion of toastmasters.
Mick won best speech.

Jennifer explained how to grow,using an acronym for coaching. Super low tech visual aids added value. Tim evaluated.

The delightful divine Delphine talked about labels on people….with a box.
Maggie evaluated winning best evaluator. She illustrated the hooks used to entice us in.

Roger updated us on canals,evaluated by Sheetal who returned after a break.

Steve timed and gave topics evaluation.

The new committee was voted in.

Louise reminded people about our 7th birthday celebration on 21st June.

Next Meeting : Thursday 7th June.

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