North Bucks Speakers – Meeting Summary – 7th June 2012

The meeting was one of differences,firsts,and gentle teasing.

Topics, as set by Maggie, included pairs of people having discussions with alliteration,adverbs and the alphabet. Best topics was won by Jennifer and Tim.

Louise gave tips for impromptu speaking,including discussions with the TM,to bring topics together such as the jubilee themed meeting last week and Louise and Tim’s sailing antic meeting. Remember that topics doesn’t have to be difficult and can help the shyest of people blossom. Tim evaluated, and said what a useful impromptu speech it was.

Margarets first speech was about her career, and she multitasked by handling the timekeeping as well. Well done! Lynda evaluated, and noted the fine imagery and the excellent start towards becoming a Competent Communicator.

Jim roasted Tim for his fishing and DIY skills. There were tales of Tim taking Louise night fishing,when she had glammed up for the evening,Tim installing a sprinkler system in his kitchen via his poor DIY skills,and tales of dubious truth (sorry Tim,there was a lot to give away about you) Steve evaluated, and said it was an excellent first attempt at a Roast, Jim won Best Speech and Best Humour, whilst Steve won Best Evaluator.

In the meeting roles, it was a first go at Grunt Counter for Antonia, a first try at Grammarian for Jennifer, and Harsheed’s first time as General Evaluator. Excellent first attempts for everybody.

Next Meeting : Thursday 21st June (7th Birthday Celebration)

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