North Bucks Speakers – Meeting Summary – 21st June 2012

Imagine the scene,a garden fete in the manor gardens.

It was hats off,or maybe hats on,as we celebrated yet another year of toastmasters at North Bucks.

Louise,resplendent in her purple ascot outfit was the Lady of the Manor for the evening,and provided extra hats for those improperly dressed. Jim as grammarian gave the word Elaborate,which has 3 distinct meanings. Margaret counted grunts,giving feedback in good humour. Harsheed kept atomic time (and space). Maggie was the joke master.

Topics was led and evaluated by the Lady of the manor.The theme was around the number 7. Paul was first up telling us that in the 7 ages of a man,his age was perfect. Dan took us through the 7 dwarfs and their personalities. Lynda would not admit to a deadly sin,but felt envy was the most destructive. Antonia told us her wonder of the world was Bermuda.

The ladies won the topics…hats off to them!

Steve’s speech was about gluten intolerance, and his simple but effective visual aids were praised by Tim who evaluated.

Delphine’s speech exuded love and passion,along with the frustrations of it. Jennifer evalauted,praising the emotions in the speech.

Carmel introduced Tyrone’s icebreaker which was a stunning piece of work for a first speech. Carmel won the humour award as her giggles about getting a little lost in translation were apparent in the feed back.

Mick evaluated Maggie’s colourful enchanting story,which involved getting Tim up to be a raven. Tim is no stranger to playing birds,as he was a crow in a school play. Mick won best evaluator,proving he is a force to be reckoned with as he gains experience.

It was Ladies day again as Delphine and Maggie jointly won best speech.

Roger was general evaluator.

The meeting was interspersed with memories of the year,including the pantomime and tall tales evening out.

Rob represented us with his humour in the contest, supported by Tim in the topics contest. Maggie represented us in the International speech contest,with Louise as an evaluation contestant.

We have said goodbye to many members and welcomed the new.

We welcomed Dan and Paul from Cranfield,who took to their hats very well. Other guests included Paul and Anthony,plus a french gentleman.

We dined on a gorgeously gastronomic gluttonous level. Special thanks to the home made goodies. Harsheeds spicy foods. Steve’s gluten free cake,and Tim’s birthday cake (no candles this time!)

Presidential bling handover ended the meeting,and we look forward to a glorious new TM year

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