Cranfield Speakers meeting notes for 27th June 2012

Becky umpired our latest Wimbledon themed meeting from her high chair. She also introduced the word of the day – ‘Champion’ and told a tasteful tennis joke.

Yiorgos set the educational scene and Andy ran some championship table topics where: Louise gave an ode to the Gods for good weather (in order that her Pimms isn’t diluted); Emily explained why she would pay almost £2,000 for a ticket to the men’s final (including people watching); Becky shared the delights she would take with her in her picnic hamper (ensuring her 5-a-day); and Jim stepped up to explain why he would like to be a ball boy (short skirts was an influencing factor).

Maissa (evaluated by Yiorgos) broke the ice and introduced herself to the group, explaining her stubborn side and how she got stuck in the loft.

Dan P (evaluated by Louise) got to the point about how we can recognize the Hidden Disabilities and why we should care.

Louise (evaluated by Emily) took us back to the 1980’s and spoke to inform with her speech entitled ‘ABC’ – involving LPs, cassette tapes and flying bricks.

Jim (evaluated by Hemant) delivered a session where he introduced the topic and then acted out an unrehearsed role-play with an irate Andy, where he endeavored to diffuse verbal criticism as a double-glazing salesman getting stick from a customer.

Jim kept time, Daniel S was Topics Evaluator and Yiorgos was General Evaluator, recognizing Andy, Emily and Louise for their contributions to the meeting.

Awards: Best Table Topic and Best Speaker went to Louise. Best Evaluator went to Emily and Best Humour was shared between Louise and Jim.

Club announcements: Yiorgos and his partner will sadly be leaving us mid-July as they are moving to Greece. Yiorgos was recognized for the legacy he leaves behind and presented with an award for his outstanding contribution to club development.

Jim announced the incoming Committee for 2012-13 as President – Becky; Vice President Education – John; Vice President Membership – Kala; Vice President PR – Emily; Club Secretary – Dan P; Club Treasurer – Andy and Sergeant at Arms – Paul.

Thanks to all for a truly Champion meeting! Looking forward to our next on Wednesday 11th July. Roles are available to be filled – contact Dan P, who is to be Toastmaster for an evening with an Olympics theme!

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