Cranfield Speakers meeting notes for 11th July 2012

24 people,including an unprecidented 8 guests attended this special event meeting,with a theme of


It was the last meeting of the man who had a vision for Cranfield to have it’s own speaking and leadership group.It was also the first meeting of a new TM year.

Dan took charge as TM,and included anecdotes about the man and his speeches.Jim stepped in as grammarian with the Greek word Stochastic.  Of, relating to, or characterized by conjecture; conjectural.

2. Statistics

a. Involving or containing a random variable or variables: stochastic calculus.

b. Involving chance or probability: a stochastic stimulation.
Sam, in his first time as jokemaster had us in stiches before Yiorgos took us through an Olympic themed topics session.

Richard addressed the Greek King winning best topics award.
Trisha posed as a man who was a water carrier
Scott did a good impression of winning the 100m
Atma attempted to persuade us that he could arrange the 2020 Olympics.
Scott and Atma are new to the club and first time topics.Well done for your participation
Victor evaluated with his own unique brand of humour, earning him best humour award.

Paul Introduced and evaluated Abdullah who broke the ice with stories of his life as a 10th child.

Hemant introduced and evaluated Daniel S who talked about his dance moves,complete with multiple types of shoes.

John introduced Kala who talked about Excellence,magically making a mythical tale of how all we need is inside us.
Special certificates were given to chosen audience members with a background of soft spiritual music.
Kala won best speaker,and John best evaluator.

Louise acting as general evaluator,supported Bryan in his first time role as timekeeper. She also found the time to congratulate Dan on his idea to host a special meeting for Yiorgos and the research involved. For this the General evaluator award was awarded to Dan

Remember,if you are doing a role for the first time, please ask an experienced toastmaster to coach you through it and possibly sit alongside you in the meeting.

As always, we look forward to the next meeting on the 25th July where Victor, fresh from his best humour award will be stepping up to the role of toastmaster. Please contact him if you are interested in performing a role.

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