North Bucks Speakers – Meeting Summary – 19th July 2012

Attending 12 members plus 2 returning guests Jeff and Tony.

Maggie as Sergeant at Arms and general Evaluator, reminded us of handovers and noting who to hand over to next.

Toastmaster Mick led us confidently through a very uplifting meeting with an Olympic flavour ,taking on the role for the first time and inspired us all to help one another to cross the finish line.

Grammarian Jenny gave us Precocious – advanced or ahead of its time, plants can be precocious by flowering before coming into leaf, as the magnolia does.-

Tony was grunt counter and gave an excellent demonstration of how the role can be performed with a strong sense of purpose and an almost tangible sensitivity when it came to the giving of award thank you Tony.

Mick also enlightened us with his humorous Papal anecdote which also set a well restrained risqué flavour to the evening and much mirth.

Sheetal warmed us up with her Table Topics bringing well known celebrities out of the audience to speak about themselves.

Harsheed was Amir Khan the British professional boxer telling us about the tough training to build stamina but at the end of that day that was his job and he liked to relax and watch a bit of TV at the end of the day.

Maggie was The Iron Lady herself Margaret Thatcher she revealed how she liked to bring a woman’s touch to the house ,toasting muffins late at night and even doing a spot of dusting those high shelves, as well as keeping the affairs of state in sharp focus.

Tim was Sir Richard Branson and told how from small acorns great things can grow and how to reinvest the wealth back to the people by providing better services like the phones, trains and planes.

Chris was Ben Fogle the outdoor fanatic, taken by surprise Chris almost managed to fill the required minute by thanking the audience for making him so popular. Being timekeeper Chris wasn’t expecting to be picked for table topics! Tim kept the time for him.

Speaking for the first time our new member Antonia torpedoed us into a colourful view of her family life in Bermuda, then progressed onto shopping, shopping and still more shopping before she found her antidote in a husband who hates shopping. Well done Antonia, a very interesting and entertaining Icebreaker delivered with confidence we look forward to more. Carmels evaluation was delicately balanced to perfection gaining her the best evaluator award.

Tim delivered a technical paper from the Advanced Speakers manual “Aided or Jaded” The computer taking over the emotional input into building design. A simply drawn line on flipchart made for arresting visual and the crumpling of paper to create more complex building forms. Delivered in simple language with easy to understand, followed by a brief Q&A session. A strong evaluation by Jenny, well done giving, very astute feedback on how to work on keeping the closing as strong as the opening.

Michael delivered his Icebreaker from His Life in Ireland Thus Far” taking best speaker no less and best humour for taunting us deliberately not mentioning the “F word” which then turned out to be Football! Brilliant timing great speech. Tim’s evaluation picked up on all the strengths and suggested experimenting with lowering of the voice which will be covered in future projects.

Tyrone delivered his second speech, opening with self deprecating humour declaring his precocious hairline an then boldly challenging us all whether we are ” willing to be wise or satisfied to stay smart ” . What an opener and this was used again at the close to create a simple yet powerful structure to the speech, what project #2 called for well done. Evaluated by Mick deftly recapping on the style and well chosen words of encouragement.

Harsheed evaluated Table Topics to set the standard for some blistering evaluations which both encouraged and nurtured all of the speakers.

Maggie took on General Evaluator with great poise and seeming ease well done Maggie.

To finish Presidential duties Tim awarded the prizes for the evening and encouraged us to think about the up and coming Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest in September, the area contest being 1st October at the Badminton Centre MK

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