Cranfield Speakers meeting notes 8th August

19 people,including 6 guests were present at the meeting. The meeting theme was one of change.

Paul stepped up as Toastmaster for the evening, while Xiaojian debuted as grammarian with the word Orectic. An adjective  Of, or pertaining to desire, appetitive.

Daniel S as jokemaster made us laugh before Richard, making his Cranfield speakers debut as topics master asked some challenging life questions.

Daniel S told us about how he did not take up dancing until his 30s
One of our guests Chet explained to us that Barick Obama was the best speaker he had ever witnessed, making him the best table topics speaker we witnessed.
Xiaojian spoke to us about a potential turning point in his life, turning 25. Happy Birthday Xiaojian!
Another guest Farruke stepped up to explain what he would do in that extra hour if he had 25 hours in a day.
A special commendation for our guests Chet and Farruke for getting involved and Richard for encouraging them to do so.

Kala evaluated Table Topics for the first time, well done Kala.

Tim Introduced and evaluated Andy, who was performing his 7th speech on the competent communication ladder. His speech about motorbike safety earning him the best speaker award.

John introduced and evaluated Emily who in only her 2nd speech, told us how we could survive at music festival. The charm and humour of the speech earned her the humour award. Johns evaluation of Emily earned him the best evaluator award.

Our guest Rose Marie introduced and evaluated Jim. Jims speech was on the interpersonal communication track of the manuals and was his 4th in that section and was on performance appraisal. After a speech about the importance of this, Jim invited Kala up to participate in a performance appraisal scenario.

Louise acted as timekeeper and supported Dan P in his first time role as General evaluator. In this role, Dan gave the general evaluator award to Xiaojian, for stepping up into 2 first time roles. Well done Xiaojian and to all our award winners.

Remember,if you are doing a role for the first time, please ask an experienced toastmaster to coach you through it and possibly sit alongside you in the meeting.

As always, we look forward to the next meeting on 22nd August. At this moment in time we have no toastmaster, but you all know the drill, if you want to sign up for a role, please do so via the D71 website.

Please also note that the next 6 months’ subscription payments will shortly be due (£36 please – what a complete bargain!) by the end of September for period 1 Oct 2012 – 31 Mar 2013. Payments can easily be made by bank transfer (ask Andy or Becky for bank details), or bring cash or cheque along to one of our next 4 meetings. For those of you who pay by Standing Order – well done, no action required!

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