North Bucks Speakers – Meeting Summary – 2nd August 2012

15 people attended this meeting with a theme of promoting Toastmasters.

Steve was TM for the first time,and he filled in the gaps with public relation disasters.

Other officials included Jim on times,with Louise as back up,Tim as grammarian with ‘pop’ as word of the day,and Michael as grunt counter.

Sheetal told a joke,followed by topical topics.

Louise claimed to have kidnapped Olympic winners and asked them how they were motivated.Resplendent with a large gold medal,she out-blinged everyone,including the President!

Lynda, as Victoria Pendleton,talked about gaining momentum

Michael did an excellent Ben Ainslie who was keeping on his course,despite the great Dane.

Sheetal had rowed her way to success.

Dan was challenged to explain the footballing strategy of Team GB v the Euro 2012 tournament.

Dan rose to the challenge, and before the red card was up, managed to score a goal in getting the best topics prize.

Jennifer evaluated the topics, a first for her,which was covered well.

Steve’s speech was about promoting the club,and we were informed of how the website works. Tim evaluated.

Maggie took us on a tour of Milton Keynes,past and present and was evaluated by Sheetal.

Mick made a keynote address to an imaginary TM convention.He inspired us for 15 minutes,showing he had learned a lot from attending and obtaining his CC award. He won best speech and Jim best evaluator.

Carmel in her GE role had humour on her mind, winning the prize for the best. GE award went to Steve.

Guests David and Scott enjoyed the evening, David making pertinent comments about how we get a good mix of feedback.

We were reminded of competitions coming up, plus new social dates.(Tim sent these out separately)

Overall the meeting was great fun.

Carmel is in charge of the next meeting.Please sign up for roles via the d71 website.

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