North Bucks Speakers – 4th October 2012 – Meeting Notes

It was a dark damp autumnal night. A brave and hardy bunch of individuals made there way to Willen for another stimulating meeting of North Bucks Speakers.

Apologies and late illnesses meant that we had to corral people into roles on the evening. Tim ably stepped in as Toastmaster, in between covering for VPE, telling a Joke and running the Topics. We had a repeat guest, Femi, and two new guests, John & Paul.

For topics, Tim asked people to list the best things about their vocation.

Jennifer, as a Lollipop Lady was happy to have the power to stop traffic.
Femi, the tree surgeon was pleased that his patients never complained, and that he got to do his own feedback forms.
Airline pilot Harsheed explained that a benefit of his job was being able to see where he was going, and that he enjoyed being able to dip the plane from side to side when he got a bit bored.
Finally, fireman Mick described the joy of rescuing cats and ringing the bell as the fire engine tore through traffic.
Lynda’s evaluation expertly picked out all of the key points.

From the Storytelling manual, Mick gave us “Where did it all go wrong?” a story of how supporting Fulham FC. Harsheed’s evaluation highlighted the strengths in description.
Margaret’s speech about Social Marketing explained the history of Social Marketing, and illustrated how it didn’t always work, with seatbelt legislation. Maggie picked out the way in which Margaret used anecdotes to help us to cut through technical jargon, and offered great suggestions for future speeches.
With extra time before the network break, Jennifer volunteered to pop in with an unplanned go at her next speech – “How Tai Chi Changed My Life”. It was an excellent speech, well structured with excellent detail and presented without notes. The group evaluation was an interesting change with some particularly good feedback about body language.

After the break, Steve shoehorned Kinks lyrics into his general evaluation, and Tim presented the awards :

Best Topics : Mick
Best Evaluator : Maggie
Best Humour : Steve
Best Speaker : Jennifer

It was a fine meeting, and hopefully our guests will feel that they will benefit from visiting again.

Next Meeting : Thursday 18th October.

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