North Bucks Speakers – 6th December – Meeting Notes

‘I want to show you gezellig’

This was Louise’s introduction to Amsterdam in the winter.It’s a word that has no English equivalent,but means cozy ,quaint or general time spent with loved ones.

 This advent meeting,recreated gezellig with scented candles,fairy lights and a cosy 14 people. 

Louise was the TM of the meeting,complete with flashing santa hat.

Facts about the Christmas traditions were relayed,including the 12 days of Christmas mince pie fest… each day of Xmas! 

In the absense of our President and VPE, multitasking was in order, yet we managed to get everyone involved.

 Antonia kept us on time, Hina was the grammarian and Femi, the um counter.

 Jim opened with a seasonal joke.

 Louise took on the VPE role, reminding us that the website is designed to sign up for roles, confirm attendance and also to send notice in advance of non attendance.

 The other benefit is being able to see the speech and leadership progress. 

Jim has put the Panto meeting on the site, so please confirm your attendance too.

Paul took on topics with an advent calendar theme,and slickly took us through the pictures.

 Micks train picture led to a hilarious tale of bribing guards to get on a train he missed anyway.

 Tony,returning as a guest told us about space stations

. Hina decided her picture was luxury train travel, despite being a jail picture, which caused much merriment.

 Jim told an old tale of the fairy and how she ended up on top of the tree. He won best topics.

 Femi was persuaded to evaluate at short notice, and his evaluation was as superb as his speech last week, winning best evaluator.

Johns icebreaker was simply stunning,with a star in the making….humour, quotes and no notes added to it.

 He won best humour and best speech.

 Dan, guesting from Cranfield, gave a clear evaluation and applauded Johns efforts.

 Maggie had us making curious cat compositions as she told the story of the grey cat.

 Jim gave a textbook evaluation. 

Steve took us on a Springsteen spectacular on his vocal variety topic, which Tyronne evaluated, praising the content.

 Our new guest, Rich was so impressed with the meeting, he agreed to join and come to the Panto. He’s been a TM in Mexico prior to this.

Jennifer was first time GE, always a difficult role, as there is so much to cover. 

Jennifer enjoyed the set up and the ambiance of the soft lighting and candles.

 Jim took on presidential duties. Next meeting – 20th December, NBS Panto.

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