North Bucks Speakers – 3rd January 2013 – Meeting Notes

Jim was our Toastmaster for the evening guiding us purposefully through the evening with the timely theme of New Years Resolutions, entertaining us at intervals with New Year anecdotes and quotes both poignant and humorous.
Paul was our timekeeper for evening, doing this role for the first time, well done Paul.
Femi took on the Grammarian role and gave us the word ‘Ebullient’ meaning brimming over with enthusiasm, this was well used and a number of other good uses grammar were commended in the report too so well done Femi
Maggie was our Ah-Counter and picked up on a number of us for tutting. this is a common habit that we are often not aware of so thank you for focussing our attentions so we can be guarded in future. The smooth milk chocolate bar went to Jim (will we have to start weighing him?)
Margaret stepped in as Jokemaster at short notice and recalled the famous humorous quotation from Sir Winston Churchill on being drunk. A sobering thought Margaret after the Xmas indulgences!
Table Topics was led by John whose ebullience brought us four expert sales pitches from the audience:
Rich gave us ‘The man’s pan!’ …”Become Jamie Oliver” with BMW rubber feel handle. to win him Best Table Topics Award.
Steve saved us from the ‘onesie’ instead praising the features of one tiger-skin rug with cunning space saving features!
Frank gave us a carefully calculated sales patter on the remarkable ‘his and hers’ wallet set, one being notably smaller than the other! The humour was quite Frankly brilliant!
Jennifer finally showed us all what we were missing in or lives with the Rubiks Cube Keyring… how did we ever manage without one!
Jennifer doing project #7, researched the facts about dreaming and gave us a fascinating array of evidence that some of the greatest inventions and works have been literally been dreamed up. So dreaming is not so dreamy after all. Clear use of flipchart to reinforce the plethora of information well done to you another great speech under your belt.
Margaret also doing project #7, researched smoking tobacco and enlightened us with facts for and against, medical evidence and explained origins promotions burden on healthcare, causal links and balance gracefully with life choices. This was both informative and engaging well done Margaret.
Mick delivering a speech from the advances manual storytelling, told us a true life story of his ‘White Knight’ who saved the family from ill fate, having set up a new life in MK. The storytelling was a delight to listen to and the ending left us with a warm cosy glow that will linger for some time, and scooping Best Speaker Award for the evening.
Firstly Carmel won the Best Evaluator Award for her most excellent Table Topics Evaluation reminding that a summary is always helpful when casting votes at the end of the Topics session.Steve gave us a succinct appraisal of Jennifer dream speech and added a personal touch with his empathy to the IT analogy of how the brain records, replays and erases. We always relish evaluations so remember to step forward with a big buoyant smile.

Frank, after being taken aback by the complexity of the role of evaluator made an excellent paced evaluation of Margaret’s speech demonstrating careful listening and analysis of the structure and content and the speakers accomplishment of the manual requirements well done earning him the GE award for an excellent first evaluation.

Rich finally gave us his ebuillient evaluation of Micks speech pointing out the richness of the storytelling and struggled to give tips other than using those powerful pauses.

Tim was the General Evaluator praising the standard and giving some sage tips for improving. We had overlooked the Toastmaster Banner and the flip chart stand but none the worse for wear, please remember the handovers as demonstrated, plain and simple hand over command of the lectern as if it were ‘The helm/wheel of the ship’.
Presidential notices future events
Freddie Daniells Evaluation workshop Thursday 31st January
NBS Tall Tales 4th February at the Slug and Lettuce – Maggie has offered to host this.
NBS Speech and Evaluation Contest 21st Feb
Finally as I forgot to mention it in my GE a big thanks to Roger who sat alongside Paul timekeeping for the first time ‘just in case’ a great example of mentoring support in action.
We had 14 in members in attendance including Rich who became our newest member on the night. and our guests Seema and Uthpala.
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