North Bucks Speakers – Meeting Notes – January 17th 2013

The threat of incoming snow didn’t deter the crew of North Bucks Speakers as, accompanied by a plethora of guests, we bunkered down at The Well for our second meeting of the New Year.

As Topics Master, Tim presided over a good introductory session, managing to draw in speeches from 3 of our guests, asking everybody about a time when they tried something new.

Margaret talked about the time she tried scuba diving.
Garth, a first-time guest, talked about how emptying his head helped him to get further in his fitness regime.
Maryon, another first-time guest, also had a story about scuba diving, whilst Seema, a returning guest, talked about her experiences with Amateur Dramatics. Jim evaluated, and the award for Best Topics was won by Garth.

The prepared speeches saw an array of speeches from across the manuals. Maggie was presenting a speech from the ‘Speaking To Inform’ manual about the art of Appalachian Clog Dancing. Accompanied by Tim on guitar, she explained the roots of this form of dance, before a bravura demonstration. Mick evaluated, and praised the clarity of the explanation and the quality of the demonstration.

Next up was Michael, with Speech 4 from the Competent Communication manual. Following on from New Year’s Resolutions, Michael’s speech ‘My Perspectives on Health and Fitness’ touched on many areas of health, but was particularly potent with regard to setting achievable goals. Femi’s evaluation was, as always, precise and valuable, and he noted Michael’s clear message.

Paul presented his Icebreaker speech, describing a turning point in his life and how it affected him. This was a touching first speech, full of grammatical flair. Delphine, making a welcome return to evaluation praised the depth it gave us to Paul, and offered tips on moving away from notes.

Finally, Frank gave us his Icebreaker, explaining how a speech about him, couldn’t really tell us about the real him, and with his usual understated humour, he talked about self identity and how difficult it is to convey ‘what makes me me’. John’s first evaluation picked up on the humour and the quality of the speech.

As Grammarian, Jaimen, a guest from Bedford Speakers, praised the quality of the grammar, Margaret identified a flaw with the Smooth Talker Award before presenting the prize to Maryon for her Table Topics. As General Evaluator, Carmel just about covered everything with her usual good grace and humour.

The best Speaker award went to Michael. John won Best Evaluator. Steve, as Toastmaster for the evening won Best Humour, and the meeting only overran by about ten minutes.

The meeting was attended by 15 members, and 7 guests, 3 of whom have now signed up, or are in the process of doing so.

Next meeting : The Excellent Evalauations Workshop, on the 31st January. All welcome.

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