North Bucks Speakers – 4th April 2013 – Meeting Notes

The clocks may have sprung forward, but there was still a winter chill in the air for another Thursday meeting at Willen.

Joined by first-time guest AJ, and returning guest Seema, everybody settled down for another evening of fantastic speaking, presided over with warmth and humour by Mick as TME for the evening.

For table topics, Jim asked our contestants to speak on the subject of various motivational phrases.

Carmel was challenged to talk about the last time she did something for the first time and regaled us with her hunt for a lodger. Louise, returning after some time away (Welcome back!) was asked to talk about the last time she failed at something and told of her failed attempt at DIY, complete with a pink hammer, and a builder in pink underpants. Margaret told us about her house full of marmalade, ready for the rest of the year and AJ, stepping up to the plate, suggested that we should not put off until tomorrow what we can do today. Another returnee, Chris, did an excellent first-time job as Topics Evaluator, and AJ was a well deserved winner.

On to the prepared speeches.

From the CC Manual, Steve delivered Speech 9 attempting to persuade everybody that comicbooks are not just for kids, accompanied by a visual presentation. Margaret, evaluating, praised the research and the depth of knowledge, but observed that maybe, emotion is not Steves strongest point.

Tim delivered Speech 1 from the Professional Speaker Advanced Manual, the Keynote Address. He delivered a motivational speech about turning negatives into positives, which was appreciated by all. Carmel evaluated, praised Tims motivational skills, but observed that he could have had a punchier opening.

Maggie delivered Speech 4 from the Storytelling manual,
the Emotional story. Her story, Bagatelle, told the story of two childhood sweethearts, forced apart by World War II, and their snatched moments of joy as their life proceeded. This was an emotional tour de force which Tim evaluated with skill, making particular example of the way in which Maggie noted the passing of time, and her vivid descriptions.

Finally, Garth delivered his second speech from the CC manual, the structured speech, about some great pieces of art, and how we could understand them better if we tried to understand how the artist felt at the time of creation. Jim, evaluating, praised Garths strong points, his delivery and his warm smile, and offered one word of advice, practice.

As Grammarian, Margaret introduced us to the word of the day, lugubrious, whilst Seema did a fine job as Timekeeper. Mick led the meeting in a group General Evaluation before Tim presented the award for Best Speaker to Maggie, for Best Evaluator to Margaret, and for Best Humour to Carmel.

Next Meeting : 18th April

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