North Bucks Speakers – 18th April 2013 – Meeting Notes

Jim led the meeting with a theme of paraprosdokian, which means a tale with a twist. Jim’s wicked sense of humour set the theme for the evening, along with Foundation as word of the day from Steve. Frank was multitasking with a timely joke, timekeeper and speech.

Garth led his first topics with a mix of themes,which tested imagination. Louise led with a story of life as a dolphin, convincing enough to be offered a fish! Delphine followed with a Ted talk,though admitted she wanted to be a dolphin instead. Noor,a returning guest told us about why speaking was important to him. Caroline explained speaking was important in her job and urged support for Age uk. She won the trophy.
Maggie’s evaluation and advice was along the lines of good story telling.

Chris returned from University to explain about deviance in sport. The best grammar was ‘avoiding detection deepens the deviance’ after talking about the amount of drug use in sport. Linda evaluated and gave clear advice on improving the future presentation with powerpoint alterations.
Frank’s 3rd speech was about looking after neighbourhoods, with general safety advice. Louise praised his improvement and gave extra advice about moving away from notes.
Margaret’s 9th speech rallied us to tax the rich….less! Margaret showed how her journey has taken her from timid to tiger by following the manual! Mick evaluated with a very lively demo of Mick Jagger, winning him best evaluator and humour.

Femi’s smooth talker award went to Jim. Tim was general evaluator, praising people appropriately, and made a few added recommendations. He added if there was nothing to add as an improvement, evaluators could explain that the speech or topic was exemplary. We had feedback from those who attended the competition, and a reminder about our forthcoming meeting where the new committee will be discussed. Please remember, we want you on the committee to be part of the bigger team, and move towards your leadership goal. More information on this is on the Facebook page.

Our 4 guests gave good feedback, and one has already joined us, welcome to Veselina.

Next Meeting : 2nd May. Sign up for roles on

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