North Bucks Speakers – 2nd May 2013 – Meeting Notes

Our May Day meeting was led by Steve,who threw in some facts about the day. Uthpala was a time keeper for the first time.

Harsheed was welcomed back with a joke delivery, as well as the ‘ah’ counter role.

Maggie volunteered to make any assessments for the leadership manual,and Carmel reminded us she had a leaflet to explain the leadership track.

Tim’s table topics were about having to report on an event.

Roger regaled stories of exploding foods. Steve stunned with a butterfly plague. Carmel commandeered camels into Baghdad. Sue sparkled with fire at a fireworks factory. Sue won best topics, and Lynda evaluated.

Jennifer was on speech 8 where she talked about ‘Death by Powerpoint’ It was a contrast of not only how Powerpoint ‘kills speech, kills the speaker and the audience feel they are dying too’ ,but also how the space shuttle’s faults were missed due to Powerpoint reports.The end was stunning and thought provoking. Maggie evaluated Jennifer.

Carmel evaluated Delphine who talked about environmental issues and clothing. Fun facts and super sketches illustrated the benefits of going organic. Delphine won best humour.

Tim introduced Micks advanced speech about Bobby Moore, which was a passionate journey through Micks past. The secret to a great speech is to add incredible passion to draw the audience in. In Mick’s case, this was real passion,and appealed to the whole audience. Tim’s evaluation won best evaluator.

Louise introduced one of our newer members,Garth,who is on his 3rd speech. His speech was entitled ‘Raw Revelation’ and took the audience on an emotional journey through adversity and hope, darkness and light, ending with a personal poem. Louise’s evaluation reflected the sensitive nature of this speech.

Mick and Garth won the best speech prize together, though Mick gallantly gave the trophy to Garth.

Jim was general evaluator and reminded those who use Powerpoint to use the correct button to black out screens. He awarded the General Evaluator’s Award to Uthpala for her first timekeeper experience.

Louise, as grammarian with word of the day ‘discombobulated’, praised word pictures,alliteration and triads in some of the speeches.

We had 2 guests,Suzanne who was met and welcomed in the car park,and Gareth. Both enthused about the warm welcome and agreed to return.

We have an extra meeting in May, a ‘Tall tales’ evening on the 30th. We have the large room and plan to showcase what Toastmasters does for people. It will include a buffet and table topics demonstration. Flyer to follow

Maggie is chairing this event as part of her leadership program. Louise agreed to be interviewed by MK business about speaking secrets.

Lynda is now officially Area Governor Elect from next year,and Sue talked about her journey through the last year. Lynda is requesting more committee involvement and our elections will be held at the next meeting. Please contact Lynda direct.

On a personal note,I felt this was an exemplary meeting. Having been with the club since it chartered in 2005,I was amazed to see how members have developed since joining us. There is a warm welcome at our club,and we have been described as ‘family’ by some….a true accolade.

Next Meeting : Thursday 16th May. 19:15 for 19:30 start at Willen.

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