North Bucks Speakers – Tall Tales Report – May 30th

A motley crew of  Toastmasters and guests gathered in the round to enjoy an evening of Table topics tips and demonstrations, followed by Tantalising Tall Tales.

Our President, Tim, presents the Tall Tales first prize to our winner, Mick.

Louise led a topics interactive workshop and showcased types of topics and how to adapt to the very terrified. Explanations of the styles were given between speakers, and audience participation was encouraged to add to the event. All of the speakers had no other roles on the night, which shows the importance of arriving early and being prepared for the event.

First up was Garth with his explanation behind him becoming a successful author

Second was Anna who explained why she kept a dragon in her house

Third was Harsheed who is a secret government agent ,with a job of putting us off travelling on Bank Holidays

Delphine did an animated demonstration about a police hat  .

Cecile ,a guest, talked of her passions in life.

The most outstanding performance was that of Veselina , who spoke for the very first time, about her love of surfing ,including picture words, triads and great body language. She was a clear winner.

Tall tales included green fingered graham…..fake

Carmel’s dodgy lodger…true

Louise’s  x rated canal hijack….false

Jims regaled a previous story of a farmer and his 3 daughters,  which gave him 3rd place. It was no more true than the first time we heard it!

Tim sold us the invention of the gnome away product to ensure your garden is gnome free….totally fake, but hilarious, and 2nd place

Mick won with a story of how he was thrown out of church! Complete with demo at the end.

Maggie held the entire event together, and Steve and Seema  kept time.

Those of you who did not come missed a fabulous evening. Photos will go on the facebook page shortly.

Our next meeting is on the 6th June.

We are looking to fill many roles,so please sign up now.

We have one evaluator so far,and four speakers.Please sign up as a matter of urgency as we have just a week to go.

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