North Bucks Speakers – 16th January 2014 – Meeting Notes

Intro : Apologies for the gap in transmission – North Bucks’ meetings have been continuing over the winter months, and I will endeavour again to ensure that this blog is updated after the event with any relevant information.

The following meeting notes are supplied by Louise.

17 people attended the second meeting of 2014, including 2 guests.

Jim presided with a theme of paraprosdokians, and set the scene with a joke.

Agnes was the timer, and had to cope with some blatant disregard for red lights. This led to the meeting going on for longer than planned.

Lynda was the ah counter and awarded the smooth talker award to Mustapha.

Veselina used Flabbergasted as her word of the day, which was used in so many forms.

Margaret’s first topics’ outing was a session where she invited participants to talk about their educational aspirations, after being accepted to Oxbridge from the area of Newham in London.

Carmel, Mustapha, Emma and Steve all participated, with Steve’s down to earth interpretation winning.

We were treated to an evening of French flair as Cécile’s second speech had us in stitches as she talked about teenagers. Props included a flamboyant wig. She won best speech and humour and was evaluated confidently by Gareth.

Delphine told an advanced story of the perils of dropping litter. Props included multiple scarves, and Delphine set imaginations going as she pretended to be a tree. Maggie evaluated, giving superb feedback as our resident story teller.

Louise returned to planned speeches after a year away, and this was reflected in a Keynote speech of up to 20 minutes duration. The speech was about a series of 3 accidents and subsequent recovery, enhanced by meeting others on the journey. Louise cracked an egg at the beginning to demonstrate the shock of an impact. Femi evaluated with style and panache. He checked the audience response prior to his evaluation, in order to give comprehensive feedback. He won best evaluator.

Tip. If speeches are longer, negotiate extra feedback time to accommodate the project.

Micks’ general evaluator role led him to remind us about handovers. Handshaking gives a clear ending to the speaker. He also reminded us that feedback slips need to follow the same pattern as the evaluators, with praise and recommendations, as well as signed and directed clearly to whom they refer.

This quote may help when you give feedback.

‘Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.’ – Napoleon Hill

Next Meeting : 30th January – Workshop based around vocal variety and body language. Everybody welcome.

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