Tony Fasulo: In His Own Words


“One Tony Fasulo, there’s only one Tony Fasulo!” Not so apparently: there are at least two as Tony explained in his recent speech “Double Take” about a case of mistaken identity at a Las Vegas computer show some years ago.

As far as Eldergate Toastmasters is concerned, our one Tony Fasulo joined the club last year and has already made an impact. Tony won the club’s humorous speech contest in September and followed that up by finishing as runner-up in the area contest. He was also runner-up in the club’s Topics contest.

All this was achieved with the bottom half of his left leg in plaster as a result of an ‘adventure sport’ accident. The injury: a ruptured Achilles tendon. The adventure activity: skiing? paragliding? a bungee jump? No … just table tennis. The lengths some people will go to for a speech topic!


Why did you join Toastmasters?
To become a better communicator in order to help others to believe in themselves. I would love to become a motivational speaker and hope I can learn the skills necessary to achieve this goal from attending Toastmasters.

What did you find your biggest challenge when you joined?
Being asked to speak in an impromptu fashion with no preparation whatsoever. In the business world you HAVE to prepare everything so speaking ‘off the cuff’ in Table Topics was quite alien to me.

… and how did you meet that challenge?
Still working on it!

How has being a Toastmaster benefited you?
The feedback has been immense in helping me to improve not only as a speaker but in giving me greater belief in my own ability!

What do you like most about the Eldergate club?
It is a warm friendly crowd and very welcoming, like an extended family.

Tell us something unusual about yourself that most fellow members won’t already know
I once saved a woman’s life just by the belief I instilled in her with the words I said. (The detail of what happened is for a future talk!)

If you could give one piece of advice to a new member, what would it be?
Just believe in yourself as we are all special. Be brave and let out your true talents that are locked away inside, to show everyone just how ‘good’ you really are.

What achievement are you most proud of outside Toastmasters?
Starting two businesses and both going reasonably well (so far!)

What book, film, or piece of music do you find inspiring and why?
BOOK – ‘Sumo’ by Paul McGee, for it’s simple, no nonsense, inspiring message. FILM – ‘A Christmas Carol’: daft I know, but because anyone can change for the better if they choose to. MUSIC – “If you could see me now” by The Script: powerful because it is personal to me and something I would have liked my late mother to have witnessed in me.

As well as Toastmasters, what do like to do in your spare time?
Spare time? What’s that?!

Describe your approach to life in 3 words
Just Do it!

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