North Bucks Speakers – 6th February 2014 – Meeting Notes

16 people came together for the sunshine that is Toastmasters.

Led by Jennifer, the theme was weather, and the meeting reflected an upbeat view of it.

Anthony took on the timer role for the first time, assisted by the general evaluator, Louise. The meeting was managed with great precision, to ensure time was kept.

Emma stepped forward to count the grunts as a first role, awarding the smooth talker to Jim.

Jim was the grammarian, with eclectic as word of the day

Delphine set us up with a joke, which turned into a mini speech. We were suitably warmed up for the rest of the evening.

Maggie’s topics were weather related, and very much in the story teller theme.

Jim was a tornado, with a lot of hot air blowing around

Carmel was the rain, with tales of freak storms

Delphine was the sun, though she wanted to be rain, and the rain won. Delphine also won best topics!

Steve was a very droll snowflake, with references to the perils of health and safety.

Lynda evaluated the topics.

Micks advanced speech was based on true events and told in a story telling style. We were transported to the antics of the 1960s dance halls, and at the end Mick invited us to join him for a dance. A bevy of lovely ladies leapt up to join him, watched by the grumpy guys…a bit like the school disco!

Delphine evaluated.

Femis 8th speech was about the history of money, starting with chocolate. Femi smoothly took us on a history lesson, with facts and figures aplenty. He left us wanting more.

Gareth proved his evaluation skills with yet another fine feedback session. He won the award for this and we look forward to hearing more from him.

Cecile took us through what I can only describe as a stand-up comedy routine.

She described the French political system with the title ‘French politics, love and money’.

Her only prop was a pair of glasses, though she managed to portray a middle-aged lothario on a motorbike, a scheming mistress and enthusiastic children. The room roared with laughter as Cecile’s third speech brought the house down. Best speech and humour were awarded.

Carmel stepped in to evaluate, which she very well with more humour.

Louise brought it all together with the general evaluator role. There was a reminder that the GE role is about giving feedback to all, without repeating anything that has already been said. There were more recommendations and commendations for many, as the evening came to a close.

Lynda reminded us about the promotion day on the 12th,and Steve encouraged entries to our speech contest in March.

We also have a club officer gathering on Saturday at Cranfield.All are welcome. for comments and a photo from last night.

Meet up promotes all the clubs and is well worth joining.It’s free too

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