TME Report 12th March 2014 Cranfield Speakers Club

Another great evening at Cranfield Speakers club with Jim as TME peppering the audience with paraprosdokian phrases, most of which were understood! [For example, Make every guest feel at home – even if you wish they were at home]

See us here:

[Alice gave us ‘Happiness’ as the word of the day.]

Maria was Table Topics master for the first time with a simple but very effective theme of colours and objects with willing victims choosing blind from 2 envelopes one containing a colour and one containing an object.

Maxime had a green person and said it reminded him of his grandma

Amani had a blue object which reminded her of the sea and the sky

Eva a brave guest had a pink holiday in Australia

and the winner was Paul Cross who had purple clothing, which given his recent demonstration of sartorial elegance was rather apt.

For the prepared speeches we had Alex deliver his Ice Breaker on cultural phenomena and he demonstrated that he already has considerable speaking skills demonstrating confidence at the podium. He was evaluated by Becky with an insightful evaluation at a level appropriate to Alex’s skill, which was already beyond Ice Breaker level.

We then had Allison introduce Amaia with a speech entitled Looking in the Mirror an intriguing title which had us all fooled until the end. Amaia entertained us with a story about her stern and impatient father teaching her to drive. She in turn taught him to use his new mobile phone and realised that impatience was in the genes. What she saw looking in the mirror was her father’s face!

Allison in his evaluation gave lots of deserved praise and recommended the use of pauses to slow the pace to give the audience time to appreciate the abundant humour in the speech

Rose Marie then introduced Maxime for his speech entitled There Is Plenty Of Time. Maxime talked about many different aspects of time, how people measure it, how people use it and assured us there was plenty of it for us to become older and wiser. He won best speech. Rose Marie in her evaluation praised the progress he had made in his journey through Toastmasters and encouraged him to venture out a bit more into the speaking area.

Andy introduced Daniel’s advanced speech from the manual for Communicating on Video. As a first for Cranfield we were treated to a formal videoed communication from Daniel on the use of modern social media with stories of the good the bad and the ugly of Facebook and others. [Entitled: Every researcher should have a social media presence. He won Smooth Talker award from the ‘Ah’ counter Paul Cross who in turn won the General Evaluator’s Award for stepping into that role at the last minute.]

Andy’s perceptive evaluation won him Best Evaluator.

The Humour award went to Amaia for her hilarious recounting of her experience of being taught to drive by her father and her revenge with the mobile phone.

Daniel reminded everyone about the next meeting being our international speech and evaluation contest and asked for volunteers for both contestants and officials.

Andy reminded all members that their payments of £42 are now due in order for the club to pay TMI by the end of them month

Next meeting 26th March 2014 Contest Night Guests welcome.

Prepared by Jim and Edited by Daniel, 13/3/2014

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