Award Winning Speech

Every year, each Toastmasters club is asked to participate in several contests, with the winners having the possibility of representing their club at the next level and ultimately in the International Club.

The International Speech Contest is currently ongoing, and North Bucks has a real success story to report.

At our meeting on 6th March, Delphine was a well deserved winner of this contest and went forward to represent North Bucks in the Area 44 Contest.

This contest was held on the 29th March, where Delphine again triumphed against representatives of all 4 clubs in Area 44.

The next round was the Division G contest in April. Delphine again triumphed, and goes forward to represent Division G in the District Contest. District might not sound that impressive, but the District is actually the whole of UK and Ireland, and the contest is held at the conference in Ireland in May. To get this far means that Delphine’s speech is effectively the best presented by all 23 clubs for this contest this year.

This is a great achievement and all of us at North Bucks, and I am sure Area 44, are very proud of her and wish her all the best in the District Contest.


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