New Club: Northampton Speakers 28/4/2014 meeting

Four Toastmasters and four welcome guest gathered in the board room at Billing road for a fun night. Awards went to Josie for a début win with table topics and Daniel won humour. Next meeting is 19th of May at 53 Billing road, Northampton, with Daniel as Toastmaster-of-the-Evening.


 The meeting

Sue revisited her icebreaker with a talk entitled “dance as if no one is watching you”. She told a lively tale of being cajoled into ballet because it was pink to find that she actually liked country dancing, but that ballet had an unexpected virtue later in life with fencing.

Topic-master Dave recalled his recent holidays to Hastings and wondered about other people’s holidays:

  1. A holiday at a Butlins style holiday camp? Daniel told how, with his wife, they enjoyed modern-jive partner dancing and had often been to weekends and weeks of dance camps to spent hours and repetitive hours in workshops and further hours social dancing until breakfast time.
  2. A holiday with a backpack? Josie recalled how she went hiking in Thailand and Vietnam, which as a refuge from Vietnam made her parents very anxious. All went well then a large python landed on her head. To be continued (ahhh dramatic tease lol)
  3. A holiday with B&B?  Katharine has just come back from conferencing in Brussels, making use of airBnB’s (rooms in peoples houses) including a visit to Brugge.
  4. A holiday in a tent? Lynda takes her carpet camping and finds it a great way to have a pleasant dry changing area in the front of the tent and to insulate the air bed when cold was the ground and dark was the night.
  5. A long distance holiday? Garesh recalled a trip to America where he had great fun in New York but then reach the bottom down South when he found Dallas to be too big,  too open, too dry, too sparse, and too tedious after walking round the same lake for the nth time.
  6. A walking holiday? Jordi had a very agreeable walking holiday in the Isle of Skye that passed right through a whiskey distillery or two.

Many thanks for Dave who evaluated Sue’s speech and to Lynda who, given no real notice, managed to meaningfully evaluate all 7 table-topic participants within 5 minutes. Lynda also provided light entertainments with a 5 minute quiz around 20th-21st century years ending in 4 and chaired the meeting as Toastmaster-of-the-Evening. In addition to re-presenting her icebreaker, Sue was President and co-Timekeeper.  The other co-Timekeeper was Daniel who also acted as General Evaluator.

Prepared by D. L Sandars 29/4/2014

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