Northampton Speakers 5th Meeting 19/5/2014

Northampton Speakers 5th Meeting 19th May 2014

STOP PRESS Joydeep delivered our first home-grown Icebreaker speech tonight. Joydeep also took the award for the Best use of Humour. Steve took Best Table topics Speaker and Craig took Best Evaluator award.


Ten Toastmasters, visiting Toastmasters and most welcome guests gathered at 53 Billing road for the Club’s fifth meeting. This exciting and interesting meeting was themed on Northampton and entitled “A Toastmaster’s Guide to Northampton” It was presided over by the Club’s President Sue supported by Daniel as Toastmaster of the Evening and acting Sergeant at Arms. Scintillate was chosen as the word of the day by Sue, as Grammarian.

Sue evaluated our first speaker Joydeep who gave his Icebreaker talk entitled “Turning the Corner” Joydeep charted his life as a very shy guy avoiding public speaking at all costs to slowly having to do more as a professional and eventually reaching the point where with a week singing practice, to his wife, at home he believed he could step onto a stage ‘willingly’.

Tim evaluated our second speaker Steve who had a talk entitled “A fine claret”. Steve left the room dumb struck by a series of dates and names that all proved to be very significant in the life of Northampton Town Football Club. The passion and timeline of Northampton Town FC ran through Steve’s life as a series of anchor point for a vast array of date related trivia.

Tabletopics master was Sue who posed four Northampton related topics. 1) Lynda tooks us on a tour of her 52 pairs of shoes in search of her ‘favourite shoes’ and came down to a pair of trainers for go anywhere comfort and white fashion shoes to wear to look fabulous at photo-shoots where 3/4 length shots are taken. 2) Steve went looking for his ‘favourite sport’ between football, rugby, and cricket. To everyone’s relief avoided the ‘F’ word and told us how, as a kid, he and his mates used to enjoy larking about at the Cricket ground with their £10 season tickets, whilst keeping company with the Septuagenarians who were rolling up their final days and years. 3) Ganeesh took us for a walk in search of his ‘favourite building’. Once we were over the shock that the Northampton’s buildings are not huge like Buckingham Palace or The Empire State Building, but are nevertheless good we went via museums, churches, and history to arrive at the best of all, his home. 4) Tim had to choose his ‘favourite racer’ and played ying yang with us as he vacillated between race horse or race car, before finally settling for the car!

Lynda was general evaluator and meeting evaluator and Tim kept time as Time Keeper

Prepared by Daniel Sandars Apologies if they are brief, but I go on holiday very soon

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