28th May 2014 at Cranfield Speakers

‘Finishing & Completion’ – 28th May 2014 meeting

TME Report @ Cranfield Speakers

It was a wonderful evening at Cranfield Speakers club with Allison as TME setting the theme of the meeting as ‘Finishing & Completion’ drawing from the fact that the Toastmaster year 2013/2014 is coming to an end as the current Executive Committee prepares to hand over to the new Executive Committee for the 2014/2015 year. We had an interesting, humorous and engaging session with a touch of poetry from three different speakers in one night’s event! 17 people attended, including 1 very welcome guest.

Eva was Jokemaster and she gave two quick jokes and a poem, while Alex was the accurate Time Keeper that flashed green, amber and red cards!!! The Paul brothers made the evening quite eventful; Paul W gave us ‘Achievement’ as the word of the day and counted the Ah’s and Um’s with precision, Paul J doubled as Sergeant-at-Arms and Table Topics Master with rather challenging questions about floating monsters, in the style of ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’. Maxime was half mango/half man, Karel was half fish/half kangaroo, Jim was half fly/half first aid kit but metamorphosed into a Superman; and Atma was half bird/half spaceman. Matt did a good job of the Table Topics Evaluation.

For the prepared speeches, Amaia told the audience How to Say It with her speech entitled: ‘Changing the Perspective’. She introduced her good friend JRR Tolkien and illustrated that all that is gold does not glitter, but that we that we can change the perspective and must never lose hope. Amaia used very graphic images on PowerPoint to drive home her point. She was evaluated by Karel.

The next speaker, Maria, was introduced by Maxime, her evaluator. Maria demonstrated how to Organize a Speech with hers entitled, ‘The Ultimate Deadline’. It centered on avoidance of procrastination and included a story of an extremely clean bathroom.

As her evaluator, Jim introduced Becky’s advanced speech from the Successful Club Series entitled, ‘Roles, Responsibilities & Rockets’, Becky explained how the Cranfield Speakers’ Rocket can head for the skies at supersonic speed if each and every Toastmaster takes up his/her roles and responsibilities for running the club. Find below a link to the Cranfield Speakers’ Rocket which she displayed at the meeting. Is it not breathtaking, beautiful and informative?!

Becky then introduced Atma for his speech entitled, ‘Follow Your Dreams’. Atma Inspired the Audience by appealing to our hearts and minds to believe in ourselves, to believe that whatever happens, happens for a good reason and to be generally optimistic in our outlook to life. He brought his story telling skills to bear as he took us into the Indian Jungle with a story about a king who mistakenly cut his finger with his own sword, for his own good!

Top evaluator quotes of the evening:
“When you’re comfortable, we’re comfortable.” – Matt.
“The unexamined life is not worth living. The unevaluated speech is not worth giving.” – John.

It was a night of Achievements. Amaia won Best Speech. Maxime won Best Evaluator. Best Humour went to John, while the best Table Topics was delivered by Jim. Three other major achievements were reported at the end of the day:

• Becky, having delivered her 2nd educational speech (from the Leadership Excellence Series and the Successful Club Series) has now achieved Advanced Leader Bronze.

• Atma having delivered his 10th speech from the Competent Communication Manual has achieved his Competent Communicator award, the badge for which will be delivered in a future meeting.

• Atma reported that Cranfield Speakers’ own Andy, on 26th May, won the award of ‘The Most Interactive Lecturer in Cranfield University’s School of Applied Sciences’ during the Student-Led Teaching Awards. Bravo, Toastmaster Andy!!!

Jim reminded everyone about the Evaluation Workshop coming up 29th May in Milton Keynes and enjoined as many members as possible to participate.

Maxime reminded us of the Cranfield Speakers Gala Dinner on Wednesday 18th June (7pm for a 7.30pm start). If you haven’t yet booked and paid for your tickets (£10 each), please bring cash along to our next meeting or contact cranfieldtm@gmail.com.

Next meeting will be on 11th June 2014. All welcome.
Prepared by Allison and Edited by Becky

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