7th Meeting of Northampton Speakers 16th June 2014

The seventh meeting saw eight Toastmasters and guests gather at 53 billing road. Joint honours were taken by Ganesh and Josie for best Table-topics. Ganesh also debuted as an evaluator and evaluated an advanced educational speech. At the end of the meeting Northampton Speakers had identified the first six of twenty charter members, has two further spare dual members, and has two applications yet to be finalised. The word of the day was Scabrous which was not used by anyone. Tasty teasers from Malta were provided during the break having been brought by Daniel following his recent holiday there.

There were two prepared speeches:

  1. Sue presented “Aliens In Our Midst” from the advanced speech manual Special Occasion Speeches (2008-07) #3 – The Roast (3:00-5:00 min) Poke good-natured fun at someone; Adapt humour from other sources; Deliver jokes and humourous stories effectively. Her evaluator was Craig. She came prepared with her husband mark and proceeded to show that he must be an alien by the number of shampoo bottles he has on the go and the number of ‘man drawers’ of useless paraphernalia he has all over their house.
  2. An educational speech “Find new members for you club ” (10:00-15:00 min) was presented by Daniel. It was taken from the Successful Club series of leadership speeches. His evaluator was Ganesh who was debuting as an evaluator. With the aid of Captain Jack Sparrow’s Daniel told via his own journey into Toastmasters that it is the connections we make through people and their Toastmaster ambassadorial role that are far more effective than marketing per se.

The table topics session was lead by Lynda and themed on things dental:

  1. Craig was in the dentist chair and decided that he would rather suffer the dentists drill than have the anaesthetic needle
  2. Daniel had super enamelling gel that would regenerate 83% of his teeth enamel every three days so he proceeded to brush it into his teeth until there enamel for everyone and then proceeded to re-enamel his tea pots and whole house.
  3. Josie had the chance to improve anything and decided that despite buddist beliefs that a few less lines would help
  4. Ganesh had dental gadgets and soon concluded that his GPS, dictaphone and his mobile phone were the most important gadgets he wanted.

Dave was General Evaluator with Lynda keeping time and Sue Presiding and acting a Sergeant at Arms.

Dates of the next meeting 7:15 for 7:30 on Monday the 7th July at 53 Billing road to be followed by the inaugural meeting of the executive committee.

Area 44 Club Officer Training will take place on Cranfield University Campus 19th July. All members are welcome to attend.

Write-up prepared by Daniel Sandars, 19th June 2014

Northampton Speakers meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month (except for bank holidays) 19.15 for 19.30 at 53 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5DB  FindUs on Facebook, Find Us on Meetup or go to our Website

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