9th meeting Northampton Speakers – 21st July 2014

Every seat at the boardroom table was taken by six members, three new guests, and three returning guests. We enjoyed two prepared speeches from Dave and Sue. New member Josie led an inspired table topics session that drew eight topics speakers to the floor. Issie and Dereck shared the honours for best topics speakers and Dave took best evaluator for doing a fantastic job evaluating all eight topics speakers and Josie the table-topics master. To round out the night Sue, Kelvin, Daniel and Josie tied for best use of humour.

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Prepared Speeches

Dave’s gave us an after dinner talk, the fifth project from the advanced manual “The Entertaining Speaker”, entitled “Time will tell”. The talk was a humorous tour of his experience of Toastmasters venues with with flawed character overlaid with his experiences of being involved with six club start-up attempts. Some venues needed extra seating up the isles of the library, others had singing in the background, some were cold and mouldy, and yet others prone to impossible car parking if the local hall had an event on.

Sue’s prepared speech on “How to win at Meetup” was a project 2 speech from the Competent Communicator manual. Sue laid out a systematic approach to optimising the use of the Meetup website by Toastmasters’ clubs. Going through the What, Why, How and When that works. Of those present at the Meeting over half had heard of Northampton Speakers through Meetup. Since the meeting others have signed up at Meetup.

Table Topics

Josie developed an inspired theme around colours, drawing and mood. Drawing and colouring form part of her earliest memories.

  1. Kelvin talked about childhood memories and boxing with his relatively young father and the need to catch-up on some more moments like that.
  2. Daniel talked about why some teachers are grumpy –are they kill joy disciplinarians? In any case they are far better off pensioned off as soon as the pension system can be fixed.
  3. Lynda spoke about art and what is art and that it is what you want it to be.
  4. Issie mused about doing something she loved, which might be learning and contrasted that to her up coming consultancy career which will surely offer a heady ascent up the salary scale.
  5. Jacky, when asked about favourite clothing, told of her love for 1960s vintage clothing that she either makes or sources online or in specialist shops.
  6. Reena gave us her views on colours and moods around the house from hot energetic red and orange colours that might not be restful to calmer blues and greens.
  7. Dereck was given brands and colours and plumped for VW, his employers brand, and the colour for him in a car was the first available –silver.
  8. Kodi spoke of yellow ducklings and sky blues as great fun calming mood colours to have around children.


Sue was President, General Evaluator, Meeting Evaluator, and Sergeant at arms. Lynda was Vice president of Education. and Toastmaster. Dave was Topics Evaluator with Daniel and Joydeep being the Speech Evaluators. Daniel and Joydeep were also the timekeepers. Kelvin took on the grunt counter role.

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Next meeting 4th August at 53 Billing Road, Northampton

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